Stoner, Chris; Guirard, Andre: AD205 New Methods for Customizing Views in IBM Lotus Notes 7, in: Lotusphere 2006, IBM, Orlando 2006.

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 gives you new and powerful features to make your views more powerful, more customizable, and easier to maintain. Learn about how users can dynamically change colors and even formulas in views, how in-place editing right at the view level can make your applications faste...

THEMES: Lotus\...\2 Presentation... | Lotus\...\01_IBM_Lotusph... | Stoner, Chris | Guirard, Andre
YEAR: 2006
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere | Lotus Domino 7 | Lotus Notes 7 | View
PEOPLE: Guirard, Andre | Stoner, Chris
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2006

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