Nastansky, Ludwig; Wang-Nastansky, Pei; Peking University: Concepts, Services and Tools for Contextualization of Corporate Content - Why not use Multidimensional Tagging? Presentation at the School of Software an Microelectronics, Peking University, 20-Sept-2010

Corporate knowledge and content management is in a state of steady evolution to cope with increasing demands on just-in-context and just-intime knowledge tagging and collaboration. In this evolution, the architecture of tagging must accommodate to multiple users in multiple roles of multiple busine...

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YEAR: 2010

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1. 2010年9月27日 服务科学与工程系新生进行了以服务工程为主题的拓展训练。重点训练学生在完成项目、团队合作等方面的能力。通过拓展训练,学生对于一个项目的生命周期、角 色划分、及各项任务的执行有了更加完整的理解和亲身的体验,对于提供服务工程项目有了很好的促进作用。
1. 2010年9月20日德国Paderborn大学教授Ludwig Nastansky†和Pei Wang博士访问我系,并给全体学生做了主题为“Concepts, Services and Tools for Contextualization of Corporate Content ”的学术讲座。服务系李伟平老师和褚伟杰老师主持了讲座。