WIC: 2003 IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2003), Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC), October 13-17, 2003, Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, BEIJING, CHINA >>> moved to HALIFAX, IEEE/WIC, Halifax 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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Intelligent Agents
wi-iat <wi-iat@Comp.HKBU.Edu.HK>
24.01.2003 04:15

IEEE/WIC Intelligent Agent Technology 2003: Call For Papers


IEEE/WIC Intelligent Agent Technology 2003

C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S


2003 IEEE/WIC International Conference on
Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT 2003)

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and
Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC)

October 13-17, 2003
Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, BEIJING, CHINA

Homepage:  http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/IAT03

The 2003 IEEE/WIC International Conference on Intelligent Agent
Technology (IAT 2003) will be jointly held with the 2003 IEEE/WIC
International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2003
http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/WI03/). The IEEE/WIC 2003 joint conferences
are sponsored and organized by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee
on Computational Intelligence (TCCI)
(http://www.cs.uvm.edu/%7Exwu/tfvi/index.shtml) and by Web Intelligence
Consortium (WIC) (http://wi-consortium.org). The upcoming meeting in
this conference series follows the great success of IAT-99 held in Hong
Kong in 1999 and IAT-01 held in Maebashi City, Japan in 2001.


The topics and areas to be addressed include, but not limited to:

*  Applications
Complex self-organized systems modeling and development
Hard computational domains
Knowledge and data intensive systems
Physically embodied systems
Software and pervasive agents

*  Computational Models, Architecture, and Infrastructure
Agent and multi-agent infrastructures
Communication languages
Computational architectures
Heterogeneity and interoperability
Models of perception, rationality, intention, emotion,
coordination, action, and social behaviors
Multi-modal systems and interfaces
Ontology models
Tools and standards

*  Autonomy-Oriented Computation (AOC) Paradigm
Adaptive computation
Autonomous societies
Chaotic and fractal dynamics
Complex behavior characterization and engineering
Emergent behavior
Feature characterization and classification
Formal theories of complexity and computability
Self-organized criticality
Self-organized intelligence

*  Learning and Self-Adapting Agents
Adaptation and self-adaptation
Artificial life
Behavioral selection
Behavioral self-organization
Believable lifelike quality
Classifier systems
Coordinating perception, thought, and action
Evolution and learning in dynamic environments
Evolutionary computation
Integrated exploration and exploitation
Uncertainty management in multi-agent systems

*  Data and Knowledge Management Agents
Adaptation and evolution of knowledge networks
Data mining
Distributed knowledge systems
Heterogeneous data integration and management
Human-agent interaction
Information filtering
Knowledge aggregation
Knowledge discovery
Knowledge sharing
Reasoning and planning

*  Distributed Intelligence
Collective group behavior
Coordination and cooperation
Distributed intelligence
Dynamics of agent groups and populations
Efficiency in distributed systems
Formal and computational models
Market-based computing
Population evolution
Social integration

Important Dates

Electronic submission of full papers:  March 20, 2003
(Research track and industry track)

Notification of paper acceptance:  May 2003
(Research track and industry track)

Workshop and tutorial proposal submission:  June 1, 2003

Camera-ready of accepted papers:  June 2003

Notification of workshops and tutorials:  July 2003

Conference & workshops:  October 13-17, 2003

Submissions and Publication

High-quality papers in all IAT related areas are solicited. Papers
exploring new directions or areas will receive a careful and
supportive review.  All submitted papers will be reviewed on the
basis of technical quality, relevance, significance, and clarity.
Note that IAT 2003 will accept ONLY on-line submissions, containing
PDF (PostScript or MS-Word) versions.

The conference proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer
Society Press.

IAT 2003 also welcomes Industry Track submissions, Workshop and
Tutorial proposals.

More detailed instructions and the On-Line Submission Form can be
found from the IAT 2003 homepage (http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/IAT03).

A selected number of IAT 2003 accepted papers will be expanded and
revised for inclusion in Web Intelligence and Agent Systems:
An International Journal (http://wi-consortium.org/journal.html)
and in Annual Review of Intelligent Informatics

The IEEE/WIC best paper awards will be conferred on the authors of
the best papers at the conference.

Conference Organization

***** Organizing Committee *****

Organizing Chairs
Tieyong Zuo                   China
Xiaoming Liu                  China

Conference Chair
Ning Zhong                    Japan

Conference Co-Chairs
Nick Cercone                 Canada
Ruqian Lu                     China
Toyoaki Nishida               Japan

Program Chair
Jiming Liu                       HK

Program Co-Chairs
Boi Faltings            Switzerland
Matthias Klusch             Germany
Chunnian Liu                  China

Industry Track Chairs
Jianchang Mao                   USA
Yiming Ye                       USA
Lizhu Zhou                    China

Workshop Chairs
Cory Butz                    Canada
Zhongzhi Shi                  China
Yiyu Yao                     Canada

Tutorial Chairs
Jeffrey Bradshaw                USA
Jinglong Wu                   Japan

Publicity and Web Chair
Yiu-Ming Cheung                  HK

Xindong Wu                      USA

WIC Co-Chairs/Directors
Ning Zhong                    Japan
Jiming Liu                       HK

WIC Advisory Board
Edward A. Feigenbaum            USA
Setsuo Ohsuga                 Japan
Benjamin Wah                    USA
Philip Yu                       USA
L.A. Zadeh                      USA

WIC Technical Committee & WI/IAT Steering Committee
Nick Cercone                 Canada
Dieter Fensel       The Netherlands
Georg Gottlob               Austria
Lakhmi Jain               Australia
W. Lewis Johnson                USA
Jianchang Mao                   USA
Toyoaki Nishida               Japan
Xindong Wu                      USA
Yiyu Yao                     Canada

***** IAT 2003 Program Committee *****

Joanna J. Bryson (UK)
Hans-Dieter Burkhard (Germany)
Andrew Byde (UK)
Brahim Chaib-draa (Canada)
Kwok-Wai Cheung (HK SAR)
Helder Coelho (Portugal)
Stephen Cranefield (New Zealand)
Kerstin Dautenhahn (UK)
Yves Demazeau (France)
Frank Dignum (The Netherlands)
Barbara Dunin-Keplicz (Poland)
Adam Maria Gadomski (Italy)
Joseph Giampapa (USA)
Fausto Giunchiglia (Italy)
Vladimir Gorodetsky (Russia)
Marie-Pierre Gleizes (France)
Mark Greaves (USA)
Heikki Helin (Finland)
Tu Bao Ho (Japan)
Lakhmi Jain (Australia)
Xiaolong Jin (HK SAR)
Mueller Joerg (Germany)
Stefan J. Johansson (Sweden)
Catholijn Jonker (The Netherlands)
David Kinny (Australia)
Stefan Kirn (Germany)
Daniel Kudenko (UK)
Jimmy Ho Man Lee (HK SAR)
Ruqian Lu (China)
Jianchang Mao (USA)
Helen Meng (HK SAR)
Wee-Keong Ng (Singapore)
Tim Norman (UK)
Eugenio Oliveira (Portugal)
Andrea Omicini (Italy)
Tuncer Oren (Canada)
Ichiro Osawa (Japan)
Lin Padgham (Australia)
Sun Park (USA)
Simon Parsons (USA)
Van Parunak (USA)
Paolo Petta (Austria)
Alun Preece (UK)
Chris Preist (UK)
Omer Rana (UK)
Zbigniew W. Ras (USA)
Eugene Santos (USA)
Michael Schroeder (UK)
Heiko Schuldt (Switzerland)
Sandip Sen (USA)
Onn Shehory (Israel)
Amit Sheth (USA)
Zhongzhi Shi (China)
Carles Sierra (Spain)
Marius C. Silaghi (USA)
Kwang M. Sim (HK SAR)
Munindar Singh (USA)
Andrzej Skowron (Poland)
Von-Wun Soo (Taiwan)
Leon Sterling (Australia)
Ron Sun (USA)
Niranjan Suri (USA)
Katia Sycara (USA)
Tieniu Tan (China)
Huaglory Tianfield (UK)
Robert Tolksdorf (Germany)
Kwok Ching Tsui (HK SAR)
Mihale Ulieru (Canada)
Rainer Unland (Germany)
Kay C. Wiese (Canada)
Steven Willmott (Spain)
Mike Wooldridge (UK)
Jinglong Wu (Japan)
Takahira Yamaguchi (Japan)
Yiyu Yao (Canada)
John Yen (USA)
Makoto Yokoo (Japan)
Kazumasa Yokota (Japan)
Eric Yu (Canada)
Franco Zambonelli (Italy)
Chengqi Zhang (Australia)