Wilkes, Floyd A.; Johnson, David W.; Ormond, Pat; Robert Figeuroa: Adding Value to the IS’97… Curriculum Models: An Interactive Visualization and Analysis Prototype, in: Journal of Information Systems Education, Vol. 13(2), 2002, Business Computer Information Systems Department, School of Business - Computer Information Systems, Utah Valley State College, 800 West University Parkway, Orem, Utah 84058-5999 - Florida Gulf Coast University, Ft. Myers, FL 2002, pp. 135 - 142.

Several efforts have been undertaken in the information systems (IS) arena to develop a model IS curriculum. Mostnotable of these is the IS’97 model that contains not only a list of suggested IS courses but also other sub-course and super-course constructs such as presentation areas, learning units...

THEMES: Wilkes, Floyd A. | Johnson, David W. | Ormond, Pat | Robert Figeuroa
YEAR: 2002

Much time and effort have been expended by many
groups in developing model curricula for academia.
This is especially true in the information systems (IS)
area. Of particular interest to this work is the IS’97
Model Curriculum (Davis et al.) and its successors,
hereafter referred to as IS’97. The main ideas of the
paper, however, are not limited solely to the IS area,
but have applicability across all curriculum areas.
The IS’97 Model Curriculum had its impetus many
years earlier in the formative stages of the IS
discipline and has iterated through several updates, the
most recent of which is described by Longenecker et
al. (2001). As we describe below, these models have
served a valuable purpose. Recently, however,
several authors have brought into question the
continuing interest in (Landry et al., 2001) and indeed
the future value and usefulness of IS’97 (Atchison &
Gonsalvez, 2001).