Hosie-Bounar, Jane; Williams, Christie; Hall, Tara; Lotus: Lotus Domino 6: Technical Overview, IBM 2002, pp. 13.

THEMES: Hosie-Bounar, Jane | Williams, Christie | Hall, Tara | Lotus\Notes 6
META STRUCTURES: Lotus\Notes 6 | GCC-K-Objects\Lotus-Notes-Do...
YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: Lotus Domino 6
THINGS: Development | SW-Engineering
TIME: 2002
With the release of Domino 6, Lotus continues to play a major role in the e-business revolution. To meet the challenges of business globalization,
frequent mergers and acquisitions, and the increasing demand for Web-based business tools, Lotus has combined both evolution and innovation in its
latest upgrade of Domino server technology. The features in Domino 6 build on the features in Release 5 to address rapidly changing industry trends and
to meet their challenges head on.

Domino 6 innovations expand the capabilities of the Domino messaging and collaboration server to maximize the value of Domino within your existing
infrastructure and to provide robust support for your Notes messaging and Web applications. Whether your users are working with the Notes client or a
Web browser, you can ensure that a single application meets their needs.