Boccadoro, Roberto; Prepetit, Serge: HND202 IBM Lotus Domino NSFDB2: Development and Integration Hands-On, in: Lotusphere 2006, IBM, Orlando 2006.

One of the key new features in Lotus Domino 7 is the ability to evaluate DB2 as an alternative data store; this feature also allows you to query data contained in Domino NSFs directly using a SQL statement. How can you get the most out of your NSFDB2 deployment? What about using your Lotus Domino d...

THEMES: Lotus\...\7 Presentation... | Lotus\...\01_IBM_Lotusph... | Boccadoro, Roberto | Prepetit, Serge
YEAR: 2006
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere | Lotus Domino 7 | NSFDB2
PEOPLE: Boccadoro, Roberto | Prepetit, Serge
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2006

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