Lotus/e-Government: Lotus Global Government Forum: E-Government in Action, Lotus Press 2001.

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YEAR: 2001
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LABEL: e-Government
PEOPLE: Powell, Colin | Zollar, Al
TIME: 2001
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Lotus Global Government Forum: E-Government in Action [Oct 31]

Nov. 1, 2000 update -- Details on the keynote speech of Gen, Colin Powell, U.S. Army (ret.)

Lotus CEO Al Zollar opened the Lotus Global Government Forum in Washington DC with an overview of what more than 300 attending technologists are deriving from the three-day conference. Ministers, department heads and government IS executives from around the world are sharing field-proven insights, advice, best practices and advanced solutions on how to solve critical problems, disseminate crucial information, and maintain maximum levels of efficiency within their governments via Internet-based solutions.

Communicating and delivering services

At the macro level, Zollar explained how governments are applying the Internet to break down communication barriers between agencies, obtain real-time feedback from constituents, and deliver vastly improved levels of service through online applications to match citizens' online service experiences in the private sector . He provided a taste of what attendees would hear from the many breakout and informal sessions being presented on solutions that range from putting the entire UK Government online to doing the same for a small suburb of Chicago.

Presentations included how
    • The US Navy's Atlantic and Pacific fleets' use of Lotus' collaborative and real-time technologies are affording unprecedented levels of communication on and below the seas
    • Lotus Notes is dramatically increasing firefighting coordination in the US Forest Service
    • The UK is creating the most advanced government knowledge management system in the world to share information among all national departments
    • The Commonwealth of Australia is moving all appropriate government services online by 2001
    • The state of Guanajuato, Mexico is initiating the offering of all services to its citizens via the Internet and Lotus technologies

Powell's keynote

General Colin Powell, US Army (Ret.) blended anecdotes from his past with his hope for the future in his Keynote address to 300 global technologists on day two of the Lotus Global Government Forum. The retired Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, and one of the most respected men in the United States, spoke first of his post-military career mission of applying his talents and experiences to battle new enemies --- poverty, crime and despair among disadvantaged youths.

Gen. Powell quantified his responsibilities in his command position during the Gulf War as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, recalling that he managed a workforce of three million and a budget of $3 billion. He now serves as a member of the board of directors of America Online Corp.

Powell's challenge

After recounting his 35 year career in the Army, which took him from jungle patrol in Viet Nam to advising the US President and Secretary of State, Gen. Powell challenged the assembly of government technologists from 21 countries to use the new technologies evolving around us wisely, both to provide traditional government services and to help the disadvantaged of the world.

". . . take maximum advantage of new technologies"

"In a few years, I predict that we'll be using a single device to get valuable information through the Internet... all kinds of devices we now have will merge into one. As I speak to government officials, I tell them that their mission is to drive costs down in order to connect everyone... to create superior services that take maximum advantage of new technologies."

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