GCC: This paper comprises focus, expertise, services, technology transfer impact, and co-operation partnerships of 'The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn' (GCC) 2001.

YEAR: 2001
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The Groupware Competence Center GCC @University of Paderborn
GCC Goals & Profile
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.1. Groupware Competence Center - GCC @ University of Paderborn
2. Groupware Focus in Projects and Training
3. Specific Areas of Lotus Notes Groupware Know-how and Services
4. GCC Spin-offs
5. Contacts
This paper comprises focus, expertise, services, technology transfer impact, and co-operation partnerships of 'The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn' (GCC).

1. Groupware Competence Center - GCC @ University of Paderborn

The teaching and research unit 'Business Computing 2 (Information Management & Office Systems)' with its head Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky is operating in a joint know-how environment with partners from higher education and business focusing on groupware related issues. The unit is part of the Faculty of Business Administration, Business Computing, Economics, and International Business Studies, the largest faculty at the University of Paderborn.

The core of the 'Business Computing 2'-team consists of some 12 permanent professional staff, some 15 research and teaching assistants (mainly graduate level), some 12 Ph.D. students, and some 40 master students. The professional staff and assistants are to be considered high-end IBM Lotus Notes/Domino groupware & workplace experts. The students are performing research and project work during their thesis assignment phase with emphasis on a variety of topics. These topics are related to evaluation, design, development, deployment, technology transfer, coaching and assessment of groupware based information management systems in industry and public organizations. Due to the programs at the hosting Faculty of Business Administration, Business Computing, Economics, and International Business Studies the students' expertise typically covers issues as wide as ranging from business management, economics, virtual learning spaces, and international management to business computing and computer science. Specifically, this academic background is augmented by three more full-fledged teaching and research units focusing on Business Computing (Business Information Systems, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Decision Support & Operations Research Laboratory), and a computer science department with outstanding reputation on a national as well as international level.

The complementary part of this groupware know-how environment at the University of Paderborn is formed by co-operating partners from German and international businesses and organizations. The specific co-operation patterns are ever changing due to the nature of the respective affiliated partnerships, character of projects, and industries involved. Currently, a strong focus is 1) with joint projects directed toward architecture and development of groupware application systems and related tools (PAVONE AG, Paderborn, and NotesWare Ltd., UK), and 2) projects exploiting the strategic options of a groupware based worldwide operating intranet platform in the banking industry (Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt). The Groupware Competence Center Paderborn is bringing together some 120 experts in the context of comprehensive system engineering and application projects around the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Groupware and IBM workplace platform, and some 20 people currently working on information management issues in the banking industry.

In addition to relations with commercial partners ties are held up with a variety of higher education institutions on a national as well as international level with emphasis on sharing experience and challenges in innovative uses of groupware on campus. Common fields of interest are ranging from know-how generation, management and dissemination issues in the research area, over building up and maintaining virtual learning spaces in higher education as well as corporate training to academic administration issues.

2. Groupware Focus in Projects and Training

The Groupware Competence Center Paderborn at the University of Paderborn has been member of the worldwide operating LEC (Lotus Education Consortium, Lotus Development, Cambridge) and LEAP (Lotus Education Academic Partner Program) infrastructures, the IBM Lotus Business Partner Program, is partner of the academic branch of DNUG (Notes User Group, Germany), and is embedded in the German branch of the association of Business Computing Chairs at German Universities.

The Groupware Competence Center Paderborn has been operating for 8 years. Currently, the primary activities have pertained to:

  • organizing conferences and workshops,
  • issuing white papers on Notes / Domino groupware related BPR-areas,
  • issuing draft papers on various aspects and prototypes of Notes / Domino related BPR- and technology areas (current library/database of some 60 papers),
  • maintaining a knowledge base of some 30 master and doctoral theses and some 100 project assignment works on Notes / Domino groupware related issues,
  • supporting the PAVONE tech-lab environment with prototyping projects generated out of customer demands,
  • development, consulting and deployment of a variety of value-adding business applications,
  • development and deployment of corporate IT-solutions integrating the best of both worlds, groupware and transaction systems,
  • joint projects within the I*net infrastructure at Deutsche Bank,
  • preparation and training of IBM Lotus Certified Instructors,
  • moving the groupware master project UniTeach 2000 in its 3rd operational phase with focus on Notes Learning Space and faculty-wide support of the currently introduced credit-point system which conforms to the ECTS-standard (European Credit Transfer System),
  • prototyping a comprehensive, completely Notes-embedded wide-area workflow management system (WAGS project), and
  • basic conceptual, architectural, and know-how management issues around defining virtual organizational structures and user interfaces for Lotus Notes/Domino midleware based intranets, open for the internet and supporting multimedia-type data structures.

The Groupware Competence Center Paderborn educates and trains some 450 students in the School of Business Computing ('Wirtschaftsinformatik'; undergraduate and graduate level; profound Notes skills), some 100 students in the School of Engineering & Business Management ('Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen'; undergraduate and graduate level; profound Notes skills) some 1'500 students in the School of Business Administration ('Betriebswirtschaftslehre'; Notes power user and end user levels). These university based education processes generate a steady flow of Lotus Notes/Domino trained graduates and IBM Lotus Certified Instructors.

3. Specific Areas of Lotus Notes/Domino Groupware Know-how and Services

The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn has been the prototyping and testbed environment for a variety of Notes-based application systems deployed on the market of Lotus Business Partners.

Here is an overview of the areas of expertise related to Notes/Domino core competencies:

  • 6th generation Lotus Notes/Domino application development architectures, comprising concepts like common data and method repositories, lean data structures, agent management, note processing repositories, and connectivity frameworks;
  • Notes API level system engineering;
  • development of hybrid GUI-frontends, using distributed Notes and legacy database systems on the backend side;
  • Notes related network management/administration;
  • comprehensive corporate office system architectures supporting distributed and interconnected departmental offices;
  • technologies for electronic learning environments, supporting a wide range of educational models like distance learning, or the electronic classroom (Lotus Notes Learning Space)
  • archive/Imaging integration in Lotus Notes;
  • multiple platform support;
  • co-operative and confederated system architectures;
  • messaging integration;
  • workflow and process management, local and wide area;
  • organization modeling in widely distributed corporate environments;
  • communication platform integration: phone and fax;
  • multimedia integration;
  • Notes / Domino integrated intranet - internet solutions;
  • user interface design;
  • infrastructure services (backup);
  • server securing architectures.

These core competencies are transformed into a variety of services as indicated below:

Working Areas and Know-how Transfer

Business Computing; Workgroup Computing; Workflow Management; Office Systems, Paperless Office, Mobile Office; Project Management; Enduser Computing; Client Server Computing; Information Management; Multimedia; Vocational Training Systems, Distance Learning, Lotus Notes Learning Space; Tele Working.

Specific IT Product Focus

Groupware & middleware platform: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino & Websphere, including professional development environments (API, LotusScript, C++, Components, Java [Beans]); All-purpose Office Systems; UniOffice 2000 - Comprehensive campus Intranet solutions supporting a variety of services (lecture management, credit-point system platform); Wide Area Workflow Management (WAGS - Wide Area GroupFlow System prototype); Project Management; Customer Support Systems; Document Management in Public Administration; Integrated Intranet - Internet/World Wide Web Solutions; PAVONE product frameworks: GroupConnect Macroware - Connecting Mainstream Productivity Software to Lotus Notes, GroupConnect TableBridge - Maintaining Consistency and Integrity of Data across Database Platforms, Espresso ProcessModeler - A Workflow Modeler and Simulator for Lotus Notes, GroupFlow Runtime - The GroupFlow runtime system for Lotus Notes, GroupFlow Analyzer - The GroupFlow Analysis System for Lotus Notes, GroupProject Connect - PM Synchronization between Lotus Notes and CA SuperProject, GroupProject ProjectBuilder - A GUI Frontend-shell for direct PM Task-package Manipulation, Espresso - Integrated Office System including Organization Modeling and Process Management - TimeSheet..

GCC Partnerships, Contacts, Projects, Consulting, Training & Technology Transfer
The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn
Allianz Versicherung, München
Atlas Dienstleistungen für Vermögensberatung GmbH
Bayerische Beamten Lebensversicherung a. G.
BB-Data GmbH
BEIT GmbH & Co. KG (Gauselmann Gruppe)
BIK GmbH (DG-Bank)
Byk-Sangtec Diagnostica GmbH & Co. KG
DaimlerChrysler AG
Daimler-Benz Aerospace
Debis Systemhaus
Deutsche Babcock AG

Deutsche Bank AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutscher Bundestag
Dornier GmbH
Douglas Informatik & Service GmbH
DVS Datenverarbeitungs- gesellschaft Sparkassenorganisation mbH
EDS-Electronic Data Systems
E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH
FH Karlsruhe
Fiducia AG
Forum GmbH Deutsche Genossenschaft Revision
Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation
GfK Data Services GmbH

Goodyear S.A., Luxembourg
Grundig-Gildemeister Automation GmbH

IIR Frankfurt
Interflex Datensysteme GmbH
Lotus Brand - IBM
Memorex Telex GmbH
Mercedes Benz AG
Ministerium für Verteidigung

MIS Consulting GmbH
MTW Schiffswerft GmbH
NCC Network Communication Consulting GmbH
Orga GmbH

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.
Ploenzke Informatik GmbH
Provinzial Versicherungen, Kiel
Raab Karcher
RBG-Rechenzentrale Bay. Genossenschaften GmbH
Schleupen Computersysteme

Schleupen Computersysteme GmbH
Schöller Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG
SerCon GmbH
Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH
Siemens, Perlach
Stadt Dortmund
Stadtwerke Hannover AG
Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH
TUI, Hannover

Unilink Informationssysteme GmbH
VEW Energie AG
VSS Atlas Datensysteme GmbH
Westfälische Provinzial-Versicherungen, Münster
WHU Koblenz

Wiesbadener Volksbank

Pavone AG
... and more

  • Services
    Consulting, Training, Software Application Development, Joint Master Thesis Project, etc. in the above outlined areas.
  • Research Areas
    Business Computing, Information Management and Application Systems with the above outlined focus.
  • Cooperation, Contacts with Partners in Business, Know-how Transfer
    The joint projects within the co-operation infrastructure of The Groupware Competence Center comprise, due to the very nature of innovative groupware options, organizations of all sizes and industries. Amongst others, we have been working together with people of organizations outlined in the table above.

    4. Spin-offs of The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn

    The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn has been direct source and breeding environment for start-up companies and job creation in the Paderborn urban area since its foundation in 1990. Part of this impact is documented in the 'family tree' in the table below.

    Foundation of Companies Focusing on Lotus Notes Groupware in Paderborn
    The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn - GCC 'family tree'
    1990 - 1993
    Pavosoft GmbHFirst solely Lotus Notes oriented company in Europe; foundation by Prof. Nastansky and Peacock AG
    1992 - 1993
    Acquisition of Pavosoft by
    Lotus Consulting Services (CSG),
    Cambridge, USA
    Pavosoft becomes the starting unit of Lotus CSG in Europe
    1993 - 1995
    Lotus CSG GmbHGroupware Consulting Company, first location in Paderborn Technology Park; ca 35 employees; Business in Europe
    Foundation of Teamwork GmbH
    Lotus Business Partner; foundation by former Pavosoft / Lotus CSG managing director with partner
    1993 - now
    Teamwork GmbH/AG, PaderbornOperating at several locations in Germany
    Foundation of
    Pavone Informationssysteme GmbH
    Lotus Business Partner; foundation by Prof. Nastansky and Peacock AG
    1994 - now
    PAVONE Informationssysteme GmbH, PaderbornPermanent partner in Groupware Competence Center
    Engagement from UK
    Notesware Ltd. UK takes the place of Peacock AG as shareholder aiming for worldwide sales for PAVONE products
    Foundation of ONEstone Information Technologies GmbH
    Lotus Business Partner; foundation by former employees of Pavone
    1995 - 1999
    ONEstone GmbH, Paderborn
    Acquisition of ONEstone by Lotus
    Operating in Germany and USA; Prozessware becomes "Domino Workflow"
    Pavone Inc, Portland/OR, USASubsidiary Pavone
    Pavone Ltd., Bedale, N. Yorks, UKSubsidiary Pavone
    Interconomy AG
    Founded by GCC alumni
    Information Management & Projects
    PAVONE AG, PaderbornFoundation of Pavone AG
    Unger, Welsow & Company
    Founded by GCC alumni
    More indicators of values added transfer services generated by The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn are summarized below:

    Indicators for Groupware-oriented Value-added Transfer Services
    The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn - GCC VAS
    • Foundation of Companies
    Foundation of five companies in Paderborn (Pavosoft, Lotus CSG Europe, Pavone, Teamwork and ONEStone), and some more small businesses
    • Job creation
    Generation of ca 350 jobs in Paderborn, more jobs initiated by spin-offs in Germany, UK, and USA
    Graduates UofPB
    More than 100 graduates of the University of Paderborn with dedicated Notes groupware know-how are working with these companies in Paderborn;
    The WDR III TV station in North-Rhine Westfalia has broadcasted a report "Ideas Create Jobs" featuring Prof. Nastansky about the job-creation effects of Groupware know-how at University of Paderborn;
    • Study projects & Teaching
    In Q4 1997 more than 120 students at UofPB are involved in seminar projects, field project assignments and master theses focusing on Groupware-based topics with partners in industry and public organizations;
    for studies
    in Q4 1997 more than 60 students at UofPB are drawing funds for support of their studies out of co-operation projects with partners form industry around system analysis, software development, application studies, deployment tasks, quality assurance, or training with focus on Notes groupware;
    to industry
    the groupware co-operation projects have generated direct contacts for student projects in more than 20 public organizations (city, federal government agencies) and more than 60 companies in Germany, UK, and USA;
    IT know-how
    for industry job certifications
    successful training for more than 24 certified groupware engineers and consultants (LCI, etc. in integrated study programs since 1996;
    • Key know-how and worldwide reputation for excellence in Notes product frameworks
    The research and projects focusing on Notes groupware at UofPB have directly spawned a variety of professional products, applications systems, and complex groupware-based frameworks having been internationally deployed; some of these products have won awards on international trade shows and conferences; e.g. Lotus Beacon Award for 'ProzessWare' (System for Lotus Notes Groupware based Workflow Management) in Orlando, USA and Nice, France: ONEstone 1997; nomination for Beacon Award 'GroupProject' (System for Lotus Notes Groupware based Project Management) in Orlando and Nice: Pavone 1997
    • Image
    The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn has the highest ratings for Notes groupware know-how in Germany and Europe
    • Faculty Intranet
    The Faculty of Business Administration, Business Computing, Economics, and International Business Studies, host of The Groupware Competence Center @University of Paderborn has build up an advanced Notes based intranet infrastructure supporting teaching, research, and administration (see special report on UniTeach 2000 project)

    5. Contacts

    For more information you may want to contact:
    Groupware Competence Center - GCC
    c/o Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky
    Wirtschaftsinformatik 2 - Fak. WiWi
    University of Paderborn
    Warburger Straße 100

    D-33098 Paderborn, Germany

    EMail: GCCnotes.uni-paderborn.de