Lotus: Launch Options for NSF based Composite Applications

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YEAR: 2007
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LABEL: Composite Application | Lotus Notes 8 | Lotus Notes API

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Launch Options for NSF based Composite Applications

I posted an entry recently describing how composite application definitions are stored in NSFs. Once you have put a definition (CA XML) in a NSF you need to define to actually open the database as composite application rather than as classic standalone Notes database. There are two options:

In the database launch options can be defined to open a database as composite application. You can select which of the composite applications should be opened and which page of the app should be opened if it has more than one page.

The second option is to use a Notes frameset as 'proxy' to actually open a composite application. This is important so that existing links don't break. For example the PIM applications are opened via bookmark pointing to framesets (MailFS, CalendarFS, etc). If you have already classic Notes applications out there you still want to be able to use them in older Notes clients. However if some of your users have already Notes 8.0 you want them to open a composite application instead of the frameset. Another reason for this feature is so that you can open different composite applications in one database.