IFSAM; Nastansky, Ludwig; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: L. Nastansky, P. Wang-Nastansky, G. Huang: Communications, People and Knowledge Management in Global Supply Chains: e-Collaboration for on-demand Workplace and Process Infrastructures, symposium Supply Chain Management, IFSAM 9th Word Congress 2008, Shanghai China, 28 July 2008

Core issues of global supply chains are planning and deployment of supporting IT-systems, ranging from infrastructures to operative systems for running SCM-logistics. This virtual "e-SC" must provide efficient means for communications and collaboration among all people involved in their respective ...

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YEAR: 2008
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/IFSAM-Shanghai-2008


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3 L. Nastansky, P. Wang-Nastansky, G. Huang: Communications, People and Knowledge Management in G...06.07.2008 16:07Ludwig Nastansky
For more effective communcation, below is a list of different contacts for different matters

Regarding planning and organizational matters of 2008 IFSAM:
Contact person:Lisa

Regarding academic matters of 2008 IFSAM:
Contact person:Zhou,haiwei

Regarding finance matters of 2008 IFSAM:
Contact person:Jessica

Fudan University Congress Center
        Fudan University, established in 1905, has been well known for its academic excellence.  With its rich cultural background of more than a century old, Fudan University serves as the perfect host location for IFSAM Congress, 2008, an internationally renowned academic congress. 
        Guanghua Tower, sited in the Northeast of the main campus of Fudan University, is built for Fudan’s centennially celebration in 2005.  The main building of Guanghua Tower has an east and west tower.  It is 32-story tall, with each story symbolizing a part of significant historical past. The total construction area of 120,000 square meters, with several large conference halls and many smaller meeting-places. It can hold more thousands of attendees simultaneously.  Guanghua Tower is one of the tallest academic buildings in all of China, and by far the most advanced locations for an event as prestige as the IFSAM Congress. 
        Fudan University has been one of the most influential academic centers in the world. It has already established close relations in areas such as management education with more than 150 universities and research institutions in nearly 30 countries. American former president Reagan, French former president morality Stein, Dutch former prime minister Bayles Lu, Israeli former premier Rabin, German President Johannes Rau, German former premier Kohl, American vice president Cheney had all been to and spoke at Fudan University. Fudan University has hosted more than sixty extensive international academic gatherings; some of those events are International Mathematics Union Executive Committee Conference, Synthesis of Metal International Conference, 7 th World Conference TCFL. With its outstanding facilities and friendly hospitality, Fudan University is ready to provide the platform to host IFSAM 2008 Conference.
Track 1
Management Innovation and Traditional Management Thoughts
Track Chairs
Albert Mills
: Sobey Faculty of Commerce,Saint Mary’s University
Chenglie Pan:
Tsinghua Univeristy
Room: 1
Session I: (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Peter Dowling
Henrik Simonm, Sven Meyer, Meike Tilebein: Germany
Bounded Rationality in Management Research Computational Approaches to Model the Coevolution of Organizations and their Environments

Mei Xu, Dexiang Xu: P.R.C
Global Vision of China Enterprise Management Innovation Map
Orna Lavi Steiner, Dudi (David) Eialt: Israel
Organization Ethics as a Managerial Tool
Weidong Zhang: P.R.C
Shared Economy

Track 2
Chinese Management and its Practice in Business
Track Chairs
Gregory B Fisher:
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia

Mingjie Rui:
Fudan University
Room: 2
Session I: (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Cooke,Fang Lee
Mingjie Rui: P.R.C
The Influence of Organizational Learning Mode on Tacit Knowledge Creation: an Empirical Study of Corporations in China
Phillip J. Bryson: U.S.A; Keren Sun: P.R.C
Business Management in the Chinese Economy: A Case Study of the Construction Industry in Beijing and Shanghai
Alan McWilliams, Fiona Henderson: Australia
Changing Graduate Recruitment and Selection in Chinese Organizations: the Effect of New HRM Demands
Haohao Li, Wenying Liu, Jiani Dai:P.R.C
The Corporate Social Responsibility Seen From Pollution Problem of the Huaihe River
Room: 2
Session II: (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Richard Soparnot
Xiaojing Chen: P.R.C
On Influential Factor of Tacit Knowledge Creation: an Empirical Study of Corporations in China
Phillip J. Bryson: U.S.A; Keren Sun: P.R.C
The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in the Structure and Growth of the Chinese Economy
Haohao Li , Jiani Dai:P.R.C
Viewing the Transformation of Resource-exhausted Cities in Northeast China from Ruhr Region in Germany
Quanwen Liao, WanSi Chen:P.R.C
Comparison Between the Modes of Operation for Chinese and American Trade Unions
Yafei Yang, Guangping Yang: P.R.C
The Establishing of China Enterprise Management Style under the Guiding of Oriental Management Thought
Zimin Yin, Hui Sun, Wenchang Liu: P.R.C
Measurement and Analysis on Intensive Production Effectiveness of Mechanical Industrial Business

Track 3
Exchange Between East & West Management Cultures & the Development of Management
Track Chairs:
Youfu Wu
,Shanghai University of Foreign Languages
Feng Liu,
China National School of Administration
Room: 3
Session I: (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Debi S. Saini
Martin Lockstrom: P.R.C, Roger Moser: India
A Sino-European Framework of Cultural Standards: SCM Performance Improvement through Cross-Cultural Communication in China
Asadi. H, Ghorbani. M.H:Iran
Organization Culture and Effectiveness: Can American Theory Be Applied in Iranian Sport Organization?
Muayyad Jabri: Australia
Promoting Exchange Between East and West Management Cultures: The Role of Dialogue
Rodolphe Ocler: France
Influence of Martial Arts on Companies
Room: 3
Session II: (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Guthrie,James
Cheng Lu Wang: U.S.A
Legalism and Trust as Enforcement Mechanisms in International Joint Ventures: A Cross-Cultural Study
Claudia Y. Zhang: Ireland; William X. Wei: Canada; Aidan Kelly: Ireland
Reentry Cultural Shock of Sea Turtles in China: Review, Framework and Propositions
Xiaobei Li: Australia

Guanxi’s Significance Revisited: Linking Guanxi Studies with Social Network Theory

George Lan, Zhenzhong Ma: Canada; JianAn Cao, He Zhang: P.R.C
A Comparison of Personal Values of Chinese Accounting Practitioners and Students

Track 4
Human Resources Management in Globalization
Track Chair:
Xiaoyun Wang,
University of Manitoba, Canada
Jian Sun:
Shanghai University of Foreign Languages
Room: 4
Session I (Monday,July 28,8:30am----10:00am)
Chair: Bendl,Regine
Aziz Rhnima D: Canada
Validation of a Causal Model on the Impact of Co-workers’ Support in a Backdrop of Work-family Conflict and Burnout
Alan R Nankervis, Samir R Chatterjee: Australia
Human Resource Management in Asia: Reflections on Convergence, Divergence and Cross-vergence
Andries J du Plessis: New Zealand
International Human Resource Management: an Overview of its Effect on Managers in Global Organizations
Connie Zheng: Australia; David Lamond: P.R.C
Controlling Staff Turnover in APEC: An Empirical Study
Room: 4
Session II (Monday,July 28,10:20am----12:00am)
Chair: Bruce Gurd
Fang Lee Cooke: UK; Debi S. Saini: India
Diversity Management in India: A study of Leading Organizations in Different Ownership Forms
Greg J. Bamber: Australia; Jody Hoffer Gittell, Thomas A. Kochan: USA; Andrew von Nordenflycht: Canada
Contrasting Strategic Choices in the Airline Industry: Deregulation and Employment Relations in Asia and the Middle East
Jinsong Gao, Arnulf Jan Ketil, Kristoffersen Henning: Norway
Leadership Development in China: Chinese Manager’s Perceptions of Practices and Need for Development
Room: 4
Session III (Monday,July 28,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Cano-Ventas
Jiao Li, Xiaohua Wang , Rothstein Mitch: Canada
What Matters? – A Study on an Expatriate’s Host and Home National Networks in International Assignments
Naoki Senda: Japan
An Examination on the Classification of “Role” Concept in Japanese Company
Santiago García Echevarría, Teresa del Val, Rafael Casta?o, Sonia Ruiz: Spain
The Development of  Managerial  Values as a  Key to Excellence
Li,Ma , Debiao Liu: P.R.C
The Evolution of Strategic Compensation Theory

Track 5
Organization and Management in the East and West
Track chair:
Mingfang Li
,Ph.D, Professor, Carlifornia State University, Northridge, U.S.A

Hong Wang
: Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Room: 4
Session I:(Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Mingfang Li
Charles Chow Hoi Hee: Singapore; Bruce Gurd:Australia
Leadership Essentials – Perspectives from Sun zi’s “ Art of War”and the Bhagavad Gita
Bruce Gurd, Tzu-Hui Debby Chen, Helen Thorne: Australia
East and West: A Comparison of Learning Organizations and Strategic Performance Measurement Systems in Australia and Taiwan
Naoe Imura,Yun-ju Chen: Japan
Comparisons of Corporate Recovery Process in the East Asia
Room: 4
Session II (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Henry,Mike
Teresa del Val, Felipe Cano, Alberto García: Spain
Development of  New Business Models in Aeronautical Maintenance between East and West
Vipin Gupta, Nancy Levenburg, Lynda Moore, Jaideep Motwani, Thomas Schwarz: U.S.A
Anglo vs Asian Family Business: A Cultural Comparison and Analysis
Choi,Yonghoon: Japan; Souiden,Nizar: Canada
Two Dimensions of Trust in Japanese Inter-firm Relationships
Patricia Hurschler, Wei-Chi Chen, Roman Boutellier: Switzerland
Organising international supplier relations: An exploratory study of Chinese suppliers

Track 6
Organizational Behavior in Different Cultures
Track chair:
Yvon Pesqueux
, Ph.D, Professor of CNAM
Yongxin Zhu
: Suzhou University
Room: 6
Session I (Monday,July 28,8:30am----10:00am)
Chair: Yvon Pesqueux
Runtian Jing, Mao Li: P.R.C; E. Patrick McDermot: U.S.
Transformation Dilemma of Chinese State-owned Enterprises under Organizational Uncertainty
Erica Fellinger Jusué, Diana J. Clarke, Rosario Frías Azcárate: Madrid
Global Teams and the Cultural paradigm
Fran?ois Ecoto: France
The Internationalization of Business : a Denial and Rejection of National Boundaries, or Simply a Response to Developments in the Market?
Room: 6
Session II (Monday,July 28,10:20am----12:00am)
Chair: Castano-Sanchez,Rafael
Jia-Yi Hung, Ho Yin Wong: Australia
Exploring the Influence of Human Interactions on Intent to Leave for Nurses in Taiwan
Rémi Jardat: France
Interaction Between Organizational and Institutional Dimensions of the Firm: the Role of Practice
Matthew V. Brown: Canada

Revisiting Experiential Learning Approaches to Teaching Organizational Behaviour

Room: 6
Session III (Monday,July 28,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Greg Bamber
Yuhee Jung, Norihiko Takeuchi, Tomokazu Takeuchi: Japan
Person-Organization Fit, Leader-Member Exchange, and Work Attitudes in Japanese and Korean Organizations: Testing a Cross-Cultural Moderating Effect
Jia-Yi Hung, Yvonne Brunetto, Kate Shacklock, Nils Timo: Australia
A Proposed Model of Job Satisfaction for Nurses in Taiwan
Jean-Pierre Noblet, Eric Simon: France
Absorptive Capacities: Review and operationalisation
Room: 6
Session IV (Monday,July 28,3:20pm----5:00pm)
Chair: Del Val,Teresa
Ruth Alas,Katrin Niglas: Estonia, Nancy Papalexandris,Eleanna Galanaki:Greece
Employee Commitment and Managerial Values in a Cultural Context
Sergey Pyastolov: Russia
Two Phase Cycle Concept in Russian Organizational Model
Vipin Gupta, Nancy Levenburg, Lynda Moore, Jaideep Motwani, Thomas Schwarz: U.S.A
Family Business in the African Continent: Insights from the Case Compendium

Track 7
Strategic Management Innovation
Track chair:
Eric Simon
:Paris XII University
Xinazhong Meng
: Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Room: 5
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Xiaojing Chen
Shuangqin Liu: P.R.C
SWOT Analysis of Cross-Cultural Management of Transnational Corporations in China and Their Management Innovation
Yuan-yuan Lu, Yang Zhang: P.R.C
Research on Enterprise Innovation Network Based on Self-organizing Theory
Yiqiong LI, Peter SHELDON: Australia
Skills Shortages and Employers’ Experiences with China’s Vocational Education and Training system: FIEs in Suzhou Industrial Park
Zhang Yang, Wang Qun, Ding Yuan: P.R.C
The Change of TNCs’ Strategic Environment in China: a Comparison Based on Investigations in Two Periods
Room: 5
Session II (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Fran?ois ECOTO
Pallikara Rameshan: India
Optimum Quality as Strategy
Meng Zhao: U.S.A
New Product Launch Strategies: a System Dynamic Modeling Approach
Marius Pretorius: South Africa
Generic Turnaround strategies: Applying Porter’s matrix principles to the Turnaround situation
Room: 5
Session III (Monday,July 28,8:30am----10:00am)
Chair: Garcis Barrio Alberto
Hélčne Delerue, Albert Lejeune: Canada
Understanding Joint Patents: the Impact of Contextual Factors
Han Zhang, Erming Xu: P.R.C
The Impact of Social Capital on Corporate Knowledge’s Transfer and Innovation
Zhenping Zhou, Zhanping Zuo, Shuyi Gao: P.R.C
The basic Assumption fallacy of BCG Matrix and Its Improvements
Room: 5
Session IV (Monday,July 28,10:20am----12:00am)
Chair: Xiaojing Chen
Favre-bonte Veronique, Gardet Elodie, Thevenard-puthod Catherine: France
What Shapes can Innovations Take in the Banking Sector? The case of a Retail Banking
Baocheng Li, ?Donald Ah Pak: P.R.C
A Systems Thinking Model in Strategy Management Innovation for Chinese Companies based on the Literature Review and Observations
Andreas Al-Laham: Germany
Network Positioning of International New Ventures. Empirical Evidence from the German Biotech Industry.

Track 8
Track chair:
Frank Hoy
:University of Texa,U.S.A
zhiyi He
: Peking Univesity
Room: 6
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Chris Van Tonder
Shengliang Deng: Canada; Xu Wang, De Xiao:P.R.C
Women Entrepreneurship in China: Looking Back and Looking Forward
Zelimir William Todorovic, Ma Jun: U.S.A
Entrepreneurial Quality: The Missing Link of the Cultural Effects on National Economic Performance
Ingrid le Roux: South Africa
Opportunity Recognition Prototypes of Nascent, Novice and Repeat Entrepreneurs: an Alternative Methodology

Track 9
Technological Innovation and Knowledge Management
Track chair:
Uma Kumar
:Professor, Carleton University, Canada
Qingzhou Chen:
Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park
Room: 8
Session I (Monday,July 28,8:30am----10:00am)
Chair: Uma Kumar
Haiwei Zhou, Xiquan Wang: P.R.C
Knowledge Outsouding in Jiangsu: Strategic Selection
Zhenzhong Ma:Canada
Towards an Integrated Knowledge Management Model: An Invisible Network of Knowledge Production
T.Reiners, S.Voß: Germany
Inter-world Business Perspectives: Integrating Virtual Worlds in the Real World Business (Process)
Room: 8
Session II (Monday,July 28,10:20am----12:00am)
Chair: Erica Fellinger
Yang Chen, Huang Yong-Chun: P.R.C
Selection Model on Operation Path of Enterprise Independent Intellectual Property brand—Base on Producer Equilibrium Theory
Richard Soparnot: France; Laurent Renard: Canada; Patricia Klarner: Switzerland
The Life Cycle of Organizational Capability within the Framework ?of the Development of an Internet Strategy
Cao Yong, Renhui Li: P.R.C; Nagahira Akio:Japan; Huanhuan Hu: P.R.C
An Empirical Study on Reducing Project Related Uncertainty in the “Fuzzy front End” Innovation of Japanese Manufacturing Companies
Bahar Movahedi, Uma Kumar, Kayvan Miri lavassani: Canada
Facilitators and Barriers of International Technology Transfer from Developed to Developing Countries: A Comprehensive Literature Synthesis
Room: 8
Session III (Monday,July 28,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Dechun Huang
Dechun Huang, Yan Lu, Changzheng Zhang: P.R.C
The Research on the Impulse Produced by Selection of the Technology Policy On the Industrial Technology
Helmut Kasper, Jürgen Mühlbacher, Barbara Müller: Austria
New Perspectives on analyzing Knowledge Management Empirical Case Studies in Multinational Companies
Gupta Vipin: USA
Exploring the Role of Institutions in India’s Technological Development

Track 10
Management Consulting
Track chair:
Adela J. McMurray
:Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Chunhua Chen
: South China University of Technology
Room: 6
Session I (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Dechun Huang
George Plesoianu: Romania; József Poór: Hungary; Andrew Gross: USA; András Vajkai: Hungary; Balázs Lóránd: Hungary
Knowledge generation and knowledge transfer in Human Resource Consulting – Eastern European Perspectives

Track 11
International Business Management
Track chair:
Takabumi Hayashi
:Rikkyo University
Qiuzhi Xue
: Fudan University
Room: 9
Session I(Monday,July 28,10:20am----12:00am)
Chair:Takabumi Hayashi
You-il Lee: Australia
Recent Development of the Korean Market Environment: Strategic Implications for MNCs
Susan Wong: Australia
Developing Value-creating International Business Network
Peter J Dowling : New Zealand; Sharif N As-Saber: Australia
Impediments to Export Success A Study of Australian SMEs Exporting to Asia
PengCheng Zhu: Canada; Shavin Malhotra: U.S.A
Determinants and Valuation Impact of Cross-border Acquisitions by Firms from China and India
Room: 9
Session II (Monday,July 28,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Norio Kanbayashi
Paloma Almodovar Martinez, Oscar Rodriguez Ruiz: Spain
The Relevance of Cultural Distance in the Internationalizatin of Knowledge Intensive Companies: an Explanation from the Transaction Cost Theory and the Organizational Capabilities Theory
Keupp Marcus Matthiasa, Von Krogh Georg, Gassmann Oliver: Switzerland
Defensive Initiatives and the Power of the Periphery: Towards a Leader' of Corporate Entrepreneurship
Xiaohua Lin, Peter Luk: Canada
Antecedents and Outcomes of Western Management Control in International Joint Ventures: The Local Partner Perspective
Judith Chapman, David Walters: Australia
Strategic Leadership of Multi-organizational Networks
Room: 9
Session III (Monday,July 28,3:20pm----5:00pm)
Chair: Gjesdal,Froystein
Hideyuki Sugawara: Japan
Tapping into New Markets and Alleviating Poverty Simultaneously through Multinational Companies
Techno-cultural Considerations in International Product Life Cycle Decisions
David Walters, Judith Chapman: Australia
How Falling Interaction Costs Accelerate Global Business Development
Peter Woods:Australia
A Holistic Definition of Cross-Cultural Management

Track 12
Operations Management
Track chair:
Vinod Kumar
:Carleton University
Yunshi Mao
:Sun Yat-sen University
Room: 7
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Vinod Kumar
Yue Wu: UK
Stochastic Mixed 0-1 Integer Programming Applied to International Transportation Problems under Uncertainty
Ruth Alas,Katrin Niglas,Ants Krans: Estonian
Cultural Influences upon Manufacturing Strategies and Practices
Jessica Fraser, Gideon Nieman: South Africa
Business to Business Supply Chain Interaction: a South African Perspective
Room: 7
Session II (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Haohao Li
Haiwei Zhou, Xingqiu Hu, Xiquan Wang: P.R.C
A New Perspective on Outsourcing Behavior:Based on Strategic Element Survey in Jiangsu Software Enterprise
Eric Simon: France
ERP and Organizational Changes
Boon L. Tan: P.R.C; Eng G. Tan: Malaysia
Quality control: Using a Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Model for Online Retail Research
Hongyan Li, Joern Meissner: Denmark
A Simple Coordination Scheme for Collaborative Supply Chain Planning

Track 13
International Corporation Governance
Track chair:
Ronél Rensburg
:University of Pretoria
Wei’an Li
: Nankai University
Room: 1
Session I (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Ronél Rensburg
Tetsuhiro Kishita: Japan
Shift of Corporate Governance Style Amidst Globalization From Corporate Entity Oriented to Shareholder Oriented
Hidetaka Aoki: Japan
The Decrease in Diversification and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Japanese Firms
Basma Sellami Mezghanni: France
Corporate Governance and R&D Investments :Evidence from France

Track 14
Management Education in the Changing Environment
Track chair:
Pieter Terlouw
,University of Twente
Yang Zhang
, Hohai University
Room: 10
Session I (Monday,July 28,8:30am----10:00am)
Chair: Yang Zhang
Vic Kamay, Paul Cerotti, Joan Richarson: Australia
Developing global management capabilities and ‘work ready’ graduates through an international study tour to China
Thomas J. Norman, Mahmood A. Zaidi: U.S.A
Western Alliances and Management Education in China
Suzanne Ryan, James Guthrie: Australia
Management Education in Australia–relevance lost?
Room: 10
Session II (Monday,July 28,10:20am----12:00am)
Chair: Yang Zhang
Rod Gapp, Ron Fisher: Australia
Using Lexical Analysis to Gain an Understanding of Undergraduate Management Students Perception of What Makes a Successful Virtual Group
Christian L Van Tonder: South Africa
Stacking the dominoes... Courting catastrophe at the “edge-of-chaos”
N Carstens, CL van Tonder, JP Groenewald: South Africa
“Left off track”, “knock-ons” and the managerial challenges of nonlinear change
Orna Steiner Lavi: Israel
Advanced Technology – the Platform for learning in the Global world
Room: 10
Session III (Monday,July 28,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Meng Zhao
Monica Gimenez-Baldazo: Spain
Western universities in their new environment. Are they ready to compete?
The case of the University of Alcalá
Ghorbani. M.H, Asadi. H: Iran
The Relationship between Involvement and Adaptability in Sport Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran
Mary Bambacas, Gavin Sanderson, Vicki Feast, Song Yang: Australia
The instructional preferences of students in the transnational Chinese and English MBA program
Room: 10
Session IV (Monday,July 28,3:20pm----5:00pm)
Chair: Yunshi Mao
Johann P Groenewald, CL van Tonder, N Carstens: South Africa
"The anatomy of a ‘Hanging Wall’ accident:" The management implications of nonlinear change in the mining sector
Fiona Henderson, Alan McWilliams: Australia
Shanghai:? Management Education in a Changing Environment
Edward McDermott,Hong Yao: Zimbabwe
A Comparative Analysis of Mainland Chinese and U.S. Work Value Attitudes – Lessons for Corporate Management and Management Science Educators
Jingjing Huang: China
Western Managerialism and Career Amongst Higher Education Students in China’

Track 15
Corporate Financial Management
Track chair:
Harry J. Turtle
:Washington State University,U.S.A
Wenxian Zhang
: Fudan University
Room: 8
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Nankervis Alan
Yu Gu, Song Chen: P.R.C
Venture Capital Governance and Management: A Game Analysis Approach——Evidence from China
TungSheng Hsieh: P.R.C; ChePeng Lin: Taiwan
Share Repurchases and Stock Returns –Observation from Sequential Execution Records
Chi-Yih Yang: Taiwan
Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Income Smoothing–Evidence from China
Room: 8
Session II (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair:Fu Chun
Ravi Warrier, Bruce Gurd: Australia
Management Control Through Alignment
Yiqing Sun:P.R.C; Chengye Sun, Liang Wang: Canada
Predicting Unsuccessful Takeovers with Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques
Che-peng Lin: Taiwan; Tung-sheng Hsieh: P.R.C
Does Length of Non-trading Days Matter?
Harald Aaker, Froystein Gjesdal: Norwegian
Detecting True Earnings Management and Evaluating Discretionary Accrual Models

Track 16
Marketing and Service Management
Track chair:
Michael Hu
:Kent State University,U.S.A
Qingyun Jiang
: Fudan University
Room: 9
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Evans David
Tom Schoepe, Anja Geigenmueller, Margit Enke: Germany
How Shall Companies Communicate Price Increases? Some Empirical Insights from the Price Fairness Perspective
Yingzhi Guo, Lijia Xie: P.R.C; KIM Samuel Seongseop: South Korea
The Demonstration Study on Market Segmentation Features of Shanghai Outbound Tourism Destination
Anja Geigenmueller, Tom Schoepe, Margit Enke: Germany
Towards an Understanding of Customer Relationships in the Utilities Sector: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Insights
Yingzhi Guo, Yunxia Ye, Kuo-Ching Wang: P.R. C
A Study on the Impact Perception of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Room: 9
Session II (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Qingyun Jiang
Shuliang Li, Jim Zheng Li: UK
Combining AHP, Simulation and a Fuzzy Expert System for Strategic Marketing Planning
Wolfgang Ossadnik: Germany
Linking service management and performance management by system dynamics
Yingzhi Guo, Jing Chen, Lijia Xie, Hailin Qu: P.R.C
An Empirical Study on Shanghai Community-based Prospective Perceptions of 2010 World Expo Impact
Paul G. Patterson, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy: Australia; Zhi Lu: P.R.C
Research on Customer Rage in Failed Service Encounters

Track 17
Public Affairs Management
Track chair:
David Lamond
:Kochi University
Chaohui Yu
: Shanghai University of Foreign Languages
Room: 10
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Track chair: David Lamond
Yanping Zhou, Dechun Huang, Guomin Qu: P.R.C
The Analysis of Emission Swap Trade
Kunyang Hou, Dandan Kong: P.R.C
How to Guide the Public Expectations of Housing Market?
C. O. K. Allen-ile, I. U. Ile, S. A. Munyaka
The Role of Performance Management in the Building of Human Resources in the Public Service of ?a South African Provincial Government

Track 19
Management of Projects and Temporary Organizations
Track chair:
Rolf A Lundin
:J?nk?ping University
Jisheng Tong:
Vice President and General Manager of Overseas Business Dept. of Shanghai Construction (Group) General Co..
Room: 11
Session I (Sunday,July 27,1:30pm----3:00pm)
Chair: Rolf A Lundin
Davar Rezania, Simon Dolan, William X. Wei: Canada
Project Human Resources Revisited
Naoki Wakabayashi, Masaru Yamashita, Jin-ichiro Yamada, Naoto Kanki: Japan
Social Capital for Highly Performing Film Projects: The Empirical Analysis of Japanese Filmmakers’ Network
Ernesto De Nito, Gianluigi Mangia, Paolo Canonico: Italy
The Interpretation of the Project Groups
Wei-min Hong, Junzu Xu, Zhuofu Wang: P.R.C
Improved Multi-attribute Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation in Project Delivery Decision-making

Track 20
Gender, Management and the Global Economy
Track chair:
Baoyan Gu
:University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Room: 11
Session I (Sunday,July 27,3:20pm----5:30pm)
Chair: Serfling Klaus
Xiaoni Ren, Deborah Foster: UK
Balancing Work and Life in the Chinese Airline Industry: Women’s Experiences in the East and Some Comparisons with the West
Regine Bendl: Austria
Diversity Management and Inclusion? Reading Codes of Conduct of Multinational Companies from a Queer Perspective
Wayne H. Decker, Thomas J. Calo, Hong Yao: U.S.A
Gender Differences in the Career Perspectives of Future Chinese and U.S. Managers
Evans David, Huaiyuan Han: France
Climbing the Glass Staircase: A Review of the Precarious Rise of Women to Corporate Leadership Positions: an Example of Developments in China
Odd Nordhaug,Xian Zhang,Paul Gooderham,Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund,Yali Liu: Norway
Elite Female Business Students in China and Norway:
Job-Related Values and Preferences

Symposium 1 (Monday,July 28,8:30am----12:00am)
Development of East-West Supply Chain Management
Chair: Prof. Dr.Volker Trommsdorff
Hans-Christian Pfohl, Gang Yang
Development Potential of Intermodal Transports in China
Frank Straube
Logistics and its Impact on Internationalisation – How Chinese and German Companies Enter Foreign Markets
Martin Lockström, Roger Moser
A Sino-European Framework of Cultural Standards - SCM Performance Impro-vement through Cross-Cultural Communication in China
Zheng Han , Volker Trommsdorff
Protecting Intellectual Property along the Supply Chain in China
Guanwei Huang, Ludwig Nastansky, Wang-Nastansky Pei
Communications, People and Knowledge Management in Global Supply Chains: e-Collaboration for on-demand Workplace and Process Infrastructures
Klaus Serfling, Wei Yi
Supply Chain Management Consequences of a Crisis of Financial Markets for Investment Decisions in the Real World of Companies – Dangers and Chances of Financial World Innova-tions to Real world Company Decisions

Symposium 2 (Monday,July 28,1:30pm----17:00pm)
Organizational Immunology: a New Research Field in Organizational Theory
Chair: Yihua Wang
Yihua Wang
: Tsinghua University
Mingfang Li
: California State University Northridge
Zhenzhong Ma
: University of Windsor

Ping Lv
: Tsinghua University
Zhenning Yang
: Tsinghua University
Debin Du
: Tsinghua University
Hongjun Cao
: Tsinghua University
Wenwen Liu
: Tsinghua University

Organizational Immunology: A New Research Field
Organizational Immunology: Functions, Mechanism and Influencing Factors
Organizational Health: an Immunity-based Perspective
Motivation of Organizational Immunity
An Exploring Study on the Effect Mechanism of Enterprise Immunity System
Organizational Immunity Effectiveness Analysis

Symposium 3 (Monday,July 28,8:30am----12:00am)
Dual Motive Theory
Chair: Mingfang Li
Room: 23
Yau-Gene Chan, Gerald A. Cory: US
Defining Balanced Political Governance Using Dual Motive Theory: a Case Study Analyzing the Warlord Rule of Chen Jitang, Canton (1928-1936)
Mingfang Li, Jin Luo, Chun Xue, Gerard Cory, Yau-Gene Chan: U.S.A; Chao Shen: UK; Jurong Yu: P.R.C
Transformational Outsourcing: Theory, Experiences, Motives and Linkages with Western and Eastern Management Practices.