IBM; Cooper, Scott: STR101 - The Re-evolutionary Value of Lotus Products: Extracting Value from the Human Asset, IBM, Wien 2002.

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YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: J2EE | NextGen
THINGS: Availibility | Cluster | Reliability | Server
TIME: 2002

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Increased competition, shortened business cycles and economic downturns compel organizations to apply a "laser focus" on reduced business cost and increased productivity. Customers look to Lotus not only as a provider of products but for solutions that can directly enhance business processes through increased collaboration and better leverage of existing assets. The next generation of Lotus technologies will leverage standards-based technologies such as J2EE and Web services as well as be hosted on standards-based infrastructures. Today's Lotus products are also evolving to incorporate standards and will therefore be valuable not only today, but in the next generation. This presentation will describe the Lotus product family roadmap, the recently announced NextGen strategy and how customers can reap direct business benefits through solutions that extract new value from IT investments they've already made.