J2EE/.NET: J2EE and Microsoft .NET, Oracle 2002.

YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: J2EE | Oracle9i | .NET
ORGANIZATIONS: Microsoft | Oracle
THINGS: comparison
TIME: 2002

Choosing between J2EE and .NET is a strategic enterprise platform decision and
should not be treated as a tactical technology decision. There are clearly significant
technical issues that must be analyzed but ultimately the decision must be made
from understanding the business issues. The future impact of costs, flexibility and
risk are significant and often outweigh the initial investment in one architecture or
Oracle made a decision to embrace Java in 1995 based on the clear business
benefits offered by that platform. The deep integration of Java and J2EE across
the industry leading Oracle9i Application Server, Oracle9i Developer Suite and
Oracle9i Database represent the fruition of that investment.
Now with the recent emergence of the Microsoft .NET architecture this decision
has been further validated. The underlying business and technical values of open
standards, choice, portability and interoperability weigh substantially more heavily
in favor of J2EE than the one-vendor proprietary approach of Microsoft .NET.