Tulisalo, Tommi; Koval, Jean-Noel; IBM: New features of Lotus Domino 6.0.1: Single Copy Template, IBM Corporation, Armonk 2003, pp. 26.

This redpaper describes a new functionality, Single Copy Template, of Notes and Domino 6.0.1 and discusses perfomance benefits of using SCT.

THEMES: Tulisalo, Tommi | Koval, Jean-Noel | IBM\Redbook
YEAR: 2003
In previous releases of Domino™, when you created a database from an existing template (.ntf), the newly created database stored all the design elements into individual .nsf files. If you needed to create several databases using the same template, you had to store multiple instances of the same design information within each database. One of the concerns of administrators maintaining Domino infrastructures is the cost of disk storage.
Lotus® Domino 6.0.1 introduces a new feature called Single Copy Template (SCT), which will allow administrators to conserve a considerable amount of storage space. When SCT is enabled in a template, it results in the replacement of design elements in the inheriting databases on the same server with pointers or reference notes. These reference notes point to the associated design element in the template in a fashion that is transparent to the end user. In this way, design notes are stored only once on the server.