Lotus: Lotus Notes Release 5 - The Power to Work the Way you Want, IBM Corporation, Armonk 2002.

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YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: Lotus Notes Client
PLACES: Armonk
TIME: 2002
Lotus Notes Release 5 - The Power to Work the Way you Want

(R) Notes(R) Release 5 is the leading integrated e-mail and e-business software for the Internet and corporate intranets. An intuitive, Web-inspired environment, Notes integrates your highest priority information sources, including e-mail, calendaring, group scheduling, to-do list and more. Notes users can exchange messages via the Internet, work with any Web application, read and post topics to Internet news groups, search Web directories, and use X.509 certificates for security. Notes even lets you access your e-mail and other applications with full fidelity, while you're off-line, and gives you the option to synchronize your work later.

Notes R5 also makes it easy for you to get started. Wizards automate the installation process, even creating dial-up networking entries. Users can choose from among previously setup configurations like Office and Home to get up and running in minutes. Familiar Web metaphors and an award-winning interface minimizes training costs while boosting users' productivity.

Tight integration with the Lotus Domino
(R) R5 Server makes Notes R5 the most powerful e-business client available, delivering unmatched functionality, security and customization options. Notes enables organizations to maximize the value of their Domino infrastructure -- from standards-based messaging to built-in collaborative applications like discussions and document libraries, to the unlimited potential of Domino-based e-business solutions. Together, Notes and Domino enable organizations to lower the total cost of a messaging and collaboration infrastructure, while enhancing users' productivity and reducing administrative overhead.

Key Features and Benefits

Much More than Mail

Notes integrates your most important information sources -- e-mail, calendar, address book, to do list, the Web and e-business applications -- and lets you seamlessly access them on-line or off-line.

Instant e-business

The customizable Welcome Page presents the at-a-glance info you need including today's appointments, action items, key URLs and new e-mails.

Keeps it Together

Notes offers a single, integrated in-box for Notes mail and Internet mail, from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Instant Messaging

Now with Lotus Sametime
(R) integration, Notes lets you see who's o-line, send them instant messages and even chat in real-time to get answers fast.

Features Overview

The Power of Integration with a Browser's Ease of Use
  • Welcome Page. Like a home page for your personal information, the Welcome Page appears first when you launch Notes. In it, you can display your choice of up to five different information sources, including your e-mail in-box, your calendar, to do's, any Web page, and more. Companies can create their own Welcome Page with a standard look-and-feel, including logos, graphics and even dynamic information feeds for important news.
  • Window Tabs. To switch between information sources in Notes, just click the Window Tabs at the top of your screen.
  • Navigation Bar. Like the "Forward" and "Back" buttons on a Web browser, Notes gives you convenient tools for navigating your personal information. Click Refresh to update your view with the latest data; click Search to find information or Stop to cancel an action. To go to a Web page, just enter a URL. All without leaving Notes!
  • Advanced search. With Notes you can search your desktop, your company network and the Web. If you don't know the precise information you're looking for, Notes can find the closest match. Search summaries let you preview a document's contents before you open it.
  • Desktop directory. Notes lets you put the entire corporate Domino directory right on your desktop, in a highly compressed format. So you always have access to your colleagues' e-mail addresses, along with convenient features like type-ahead addressing.

Integrated Features for Information Management
  • Get all your e-mail in one place. Support for Web standards make Notes R5 the one place in which to receive and manage all your e-mail, including Notes mail and mail from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). No more switching between in-boxes to find your new mail!
  • Convenient group scheduling. The new Group Calendar view allows you to see the free and busy time slots of your whole team at once (given appropriate access permission). And the details of each person's calendar are just a click away. So it's easy to manage multiple calendars and schedule appointments -- or delegate that responsibility. Calendar printing lets you create a hard copy of your schedule, in popular formats like daily, weekly, Daytimer and Franklin Planner styles.
  • The most secure e-business client. Full support for X.509 certificates and S/MIME let Notes users send and receive signed and/or encrypted messages via the Internet. Notes Execution Control Lists limit the actions that active Web content like Java applets and JavaScript can perform on users' desktops. Just-in-time encryption lets you encrypt messages when off-line, without the need to store security information locally.
  • Actioneer integration. Developed by Actioneer, Inc., Actioneer for Notes R5 is an intelligent interface that simplifies and speeds up information entry and retrieval. Whether you're working in Notes or another application, Actioneer is always available to interpret simple phrases and automatically create entries in your Notes calendar, to do list and journal.
  • Wisdom for Notes integration. Developed by Neural Solutions Pty. Ltd., Wisdom for Notes R5 determines a user's action and then provides context-sensitive help across the Notes Welcome Page, mail, calendar, replication and more. Wisdom for Notes is a learning tool that enables rapid productivity.
  • Accessibility. Software accessibility options built into Notes R5 enable all members of your team to be equally effective and productive.


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