GCC Teaching: GCC38: Lotus Connections Documentation Evaluation

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YEAR: 2008

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Nähere Beschreibung:
The core of Web 2.0 technologies is to gather and share wisdom of commons. Accomendationg this new wave of technology trend, IBM brings out the Lotus Connections for enterprise users. This project will focusing on user experience and the documentatio nclariaty of IBM Lotus Connections. Team members should are given the following tasks:
a. Join an existing Connection application

b. Using the built-in HELP system to learn Connection features (Profile, Communities, Blogs, Dogear, Activities)

c. Using non-built-in documentations and resources to learn Connection features and tips-and-tricks

d. Generate Profiles, a Community, blog(s), Dogear, and Activities for this project

d. Evaluation the effectivness and accessibility of documenation and resources

This project is offered to more than one teams to work parallel.

Das Projektthema kann von mehreren Teams parallel mit unterschiedlichen Aufgaben bearbeitet werden.


EULUc: http://connections.euluc.com/

English as "Preferred Language" for the web browser


Zielgruppe sind Studierende der folgenden Studienrichtungen:

Inhaltlich-technisches Kenntnissumfeld:

  • Gute English Kenntnisse
  • Grundkenntnisse als Web 2.0 Benutzer



Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky

Das Projekt wurde im WS 2008/2009 vergeben.

Alexander Quitsch

Florian Pfaff

Martin Wahl