Nastansky, Ludwig; Sichuan: Innovative Concepts in e-Business Collaboration: Workflow, Portals, and Knowledge Management, GCC 2003.

20 The seminar at Sichuan University, Chengdu, will cover conceptual as well as practical aspects of current developments in information technology (IT) for e-business applications. Especially, the importance of collaborative environments and tools for enabling people to effectively perform their t...

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YEAR: 2003

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.Innovative Concepts in e-Business Collaboration:
Workflow, Portals, and Knowledge Management
  • 1 Scenario:
    e-Business Architectures
  • 2 Paradigms:
    Collaboration vs. Automation
  • 3 Workflow:
    Process Management
  • 4 Portals:
  • 5 Knowledge:
    Managing Content
  • 6 Summary/Q&A
  • Contacts


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5 Knowledge: Collaborating on Content Creation & Management
  • A) Theory and Concepts:
    Knowledge is process - Enabling people to communicate collaborate is a key issue: 'Knowledge Accident' - GCC's k-Pool concepts - visualization - topic maps

Knowledge does not keep any better than fish (Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'Themes (All)', Document 'The Wit and Wisdom of Alfred North Whitehead: Knowledge does not keep any better than fish .... and much more' Whitehead, Alfred North)
  • B) GCC Research and Projects:
    Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'Themes (All)', Document 'GCC Knowledge-Pool (k-Pool): A process-driven Knowledge Management System for Contextual Collaboration spanning Intranet to In' k-Pool project since 2000 - Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'GCCNC_TopicSpaces - LN', Document 'Knowledge Management with Topic Maps in Collaborative Environments - Project Homepage' k-discovery and topic maps since 1999

k-Discovery Topic Map user interface: everything is connected

  • C) Cooperation with Industry:
    k-Pool system will be brought to the market in 2004 - k-Discovery used in the context of
    Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'Themes (All)', Document 'ADMIN 2002 - Die größte Konferenz für LOTUS NOTES/DOMINO & IBM WEBSPHERE Administratoren/Professionals' conference management

k-Discovery Sky Surfer user interface: endusers still have to learn

  • D) New/state-of-the-art Software & Application Demonstrations:
    - GCC's k-Pool knowledge management system (Lotus Notes/Domino based)
    - k-Pool k-discovery interface (Java & Lotus Notes/Domino based)
  • Resources ...
K-Pool - GCC Knowledge-Pool: A process-driven Knowledge Management System for Contextual Collaboration spanning Intranet to Internet. Summarized overview architecture and functionalities

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2008LABEL: Ad hoc Workflow Managament | GroupProcess | Hyperbolic Tree | Internet | Intranet | K-Discovery | K-Object | K-Pool | Knowledge Management | Learning Nugget | PWN-LO-Research | RLO - Reusable Learning Object | Topic Maps | Visualization | Workflow | Workflow - Ad hoc
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center
PEOPLE: Nastansky, Ludwig | Tas, Numan
TIME: 2006
Contextual Collaboration in Business Process Progress

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2003LABEL: Collaboration | ConCord | Contextual Collaboration | Glossary | Knowledge Management | Taxonomy
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PEOPLE: Huang, Guanwei
PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2003
Enabling the Minds of e- Enabling the Minds of e-business

THEMES: CSC Ploenzke\...\Workshop 2002 | Schlafmann, Peter
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2002HIDEWHEN: GCC-HighAccess
LABEL: e-Business
PEOPLE: Schlafmann, Peter
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Knowledge easily manage - A Taxonomy & Glossary based Knowledge Management Approach

THEMES: Huang, Guanwei
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2002LABEL: Glossary | Knowledge Management | Taxonomy | Wissensmanagement
PEOPLE: Huang, Guanwei
PLACES: Frankfurt.a.M.
THINGS: Knowledge Categorization | Knowledge Management System
Knowledge Management in Integrated Process Environments for Projects and Workflows - The groupware based approach exploiting static process structures as well as flow dynamics

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KnowledgeCity - Knowledge Management Organization - Project Homepage

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1999LABEL: K3 | Knowledge City | Knowledge Management | User Interface - UI | web walk
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PEOPLE: Steiger, Chistoph
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TIME: 1999
People, Places, and Things - The KNAC - Knowledge Architecture & Communications

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1999LABEL: KNAC | Knowledge Accident | Knowledge Management
ORGANIZATIONS: Bain & McKenzie | Harvard Business Review | kmCluster
PLACES: Water Cooler
THINGS: Conversation Centric
TIME: 1999