ScanConference: ScanConference 2004 - [ Notes / Domino / Groupware / PDA] - SC 2004 August 23 - 24th. - Oslo/Norway 2004.

Welcome to ScanConference - The conference, that will take place in Oslo in August 2004, is the first of its kind in Oslo. ScanConference can offer you as a participant keynote speakers like Bill Hume from IBM Lotus Notes, Bob Balaban from LooseLeaf and many other well known capacities from the US,...

THEMES: ScanConference
YEAR: 2004
Monday 23rd Aug 04
   ScanConference 2004
[ Notes / Domino / Groupware / PDA]

 SC 2004
August 23 - 25th.

 Start End Sessions Day One on August 23rd, 2004 Track
( Sessions might be altered until mid August )
 08:0009:30Conference registration (coffee, tea and soft drinks are served) 
 09:3009:45Welcome and opening of ScanConference 2004 
09:4510:45Keynote speaker - Terje Osmundsen, 
Track 1   
11:0012:00Administration - Daniel Nashed, Nash!Com - Communication Systems
Introduction and best practices Linux session
  Application development - Bob Balaban,
Peaceful co-existence between IBM and Microsoft: J2ee/.NET interoperability
  PDA, economy & leadership - Erik Bakken, A-Vision AS
  WebSphere - IBM speaker
  Halvor Kalve - ITA AS
12:0013:30Lunch at Aker Brygge Restaurants 
 Track 2   
 13:3014:30Administration - George Chiesta,
Cluster and high availability: Know How and Why...
 Application development - Ludwig Nastansky, University of Paderborn
Productivity and the 'real' groupware approach: There is much more to Collaboration than e-Mail
  Notes / Domino - Karen Hobert, USA
Agent security in Domino 6
  Application development - Florian Lier, smartiX Gmbh
Developing a re-usable way of accessing unknown Domino-Data
  WebSphere - Speaker 
 Track 3  
 14:4515:45Administration - George Chiesta,
ND6.* http and DSAPI: What's new and why.....
 Application development - Simon Peek, Teamstudio Ltd, UK 
  Application development - Florian Lier, smartiX Gmbh
BP LWF (Lotus Workflow) in Web-Applications
  WebsSphere - Bob Balaban,
WebSphere Studio for Domino Developers
 Track 4   
 16:0017:00Administration - Daniel Nashed, Nash!Com - Communication Systems
Best practice R5/D6 Admin Session
  Application development - Erling Hesslberg, Item Education AS 
  Application development - Gary Devendorf , Microsoft USA
WebServices in R5, 6 and 7
  XML - Lars Marius Garshol, Ontopia AS
XML in Software Development
  Application development - IT-Factory, DK 
 Track 5   
 17:1518:15Keynote Speaker II - Steve Pepper, Ontopia As
XML: Managing the Meaning of Information with Topic Maps
 18:1518:30End of Day One - ScanConference 2004 day close up and lottery 
 19:3023:00Boat roundtrip the Oslo Fjord - Dinner aboard 
 19:3023:00Dinner / Finger food ashore for non-seamen 
 23:00 Nightlife Oslo 
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