ScanConference: ScanConference 2004 - [ Notes / Domino / Groupware / PDA] - SC 2004 August 23 - 24th. - Oslo/Norway 2004.

Welcome to ScanConference - The conference, that will take place in Oslo in August 2004, is the first of its kind in Oslo. ScanConference can offer you as a participant keynote speakers like Bill Hume from IBM Lotus Notes, Bob Balaban from LooseLeaf and many other well known capacities from the US,...

THEMES: ScanConference
YEAR: 2004
Conference hotel - Location and Travel
The conference is located near the harbour in downtown Oslo. (See map at page bottom) This is a beautiful recreation and shopping area called Aker Brygge, only a five to ten minutes walk from the National Theatre railway station.

The conference hotel is Vika Atrium, where the conference will take place.

Vika Atrium Conference Hotel

Address: Munkedamsveien 45, 0250 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 22 83 33 00
Telefax: +47 22 83 09 57

Aker Brygge
The conference is located near the harbour of downtown Oslo This is a beautiful recreation and shopping area called Aker Brygge.

Here you can find many restaurants, pubs, bars, night-clubs and shops

There is only a short train ride from Gardermoen International Airport -directly- to the National Theatre station . This station is just a few minuts walk from the City Hall, Aker Brygge by the seaside, ferries and more.

Close to both of these are - on the West side of Aker Brygge - the conference hotel, Vika Atrium. From beginning to the end of your travel from Gardermoen - there is only a total of thirty to fourty minuts. Though it is a nice walk - seeing the Akershus fortress, the Oslo fjord and more - and it might take you some more time - considering the view.