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YEAR: 2007
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LABEL: Composite Application | Lotus Notes 8 | Lotus Notes API
THINGS: Debugging

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Debugging & Provisioning & Locations

Noticed any missing features / components while launching Notes from your Eclipse IDE?
Or noticed that the debug tools are not available even though you've installed them?

This entry explains about how the RCP features & plugins in Notes 8 are broken into locations, and about the extra location where additional features are provisioned.

If you look at the framework directory within your Notes installation directory, you will notice 3 Eclipse locations: eclipse, rcp, and shared.

The eclipse site contains the features & plugins from then Eclipse RCP.
The rcp site contains the features & plugins from the Expeditor platform.
The shared site contains the features & plugins from Notes.

There is a fourth location that is in your workspace: <notes_data>/workspace/Applications
It is into this fourth location that components in Composite Applications generally get provisioned. Features installed using the Application Management UI are also installed to this location.
When you launch Notes 8, it will load the feature & plugins from all four locations, however when you are launching from the Eclipse IDE, if only picks up the three locations in the framework directory by default. This means that anything installed into the Applications location is not available to you.

Eclipse uses link files to link the different sites. These files are located in the framework/eclipse/links directory. You will notice that there are three link files here for the three locations in the framework directory. The launcher for Notes dynamically include the Applications location, but when you launch from your IDE this does not happen.

There are two method to remedy this.
1. Use an Eclipse Target and include the Applications location as an Additional Location in your target.
2. Create an additional link file in framework/eclipse/links directory to point to the Applications location.

My preference is option 2, so I will expand on that one.
- Create a new file in <notes_install>/framework/eclipse/links, called apps.link containing: path=C\:/ibm/notes8/data/workspace/applications
(Update the path to match your Notes install location.)
- In Eclipse, navigate to Windows->Preferences->Target Platform, and click Reload.

If you select "Group plug-ins by location", and then collapse the locations, you should now see the four locations.

When you next launch Notes from your IDE you should now have any components / features that are installed to the Applications location.
(If your Launch Configuration selectively chooses plug-ins to enable while launching, you might need to verify that the new plugins are selected).

- BrianOG