Andenęs, Kjetil; IBM: IBM Redbook: Lotus Mobile and Wireless Solutions, IBM 2001, pp. 414.

THEMES: Andenęs, Kjetil | IBM\Redbook
YEAR: 2001
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LABEL: Mobile Applications
THINGS: Wireless
TIME: 2001
This IBM Redbook explains the new mobile and wireless solutions from Lotus Solutions and IBM. The products
described include: Lotus EasySync Pro 4.0, Domino Everyplace Access Server 2.1, Domino Everyplace Enterprise
Server 2.5 and 2.6, Domino Everyplace SMS 2.0, Sametime Everyplace 1.0, and IBM Mobile Connect 2.5.1.
We start out by giving a brief description of the products and discuss how each one may be deployed in an
organization. The book is then divided into three parts: PIM synchronization, Online access, and Mobile applications.
Each product falls into one of these categories. In each part we cover the installation in great detail, and mention
important issues concerning deployment. We also show how you can develop solutions by using these products.
We have tried to include most of the information you will need to install, tailor, and configure the products, but this
book should not be considered as a replacement for the product documentation.
Table of Contents
Ch. 1 Lotus Mobile and Wireless solutions
Part 1 Personal Information Management
Ch. 2 EasySync Pro
Ch. 3 IBM Mobile Connect
Part 2 Online access
Ch. 4 Domino Everyplace Access
Ch. 5 Using Sametime Everyplace
Ch. 6 Domino Everyplace SMS
Ch. 7 Customized Solutions for Domino Everyplace Access
Ch. 8 Sametime Everyplace integration sample application
Part 3 Mobile applications
Ch. 9 Domino Everyplace Enterprise
Part 4 Reference
App. A Additional information on Domino Everyplace Access
App. B Additional information on Domino Everyplace Enterprise