GCC K-Nuggets; Erdmann, Ingo: GCC Logo Bar with Hotspots for the Notes 6.5 Workplace Style Welcome Page, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2003.

THEMES: GCC K-Nuggets\Software | Erdmann, Ingo\K-Nuggets
YEAR: 2003
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User: Anonymous

LABEL: Agent | Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 | Welcome Page | Workplace
PEOPLE: Zšnger, Roland
THINGS: Welcome Page
TIME: 2003
This element can be used as a Logo for the Workplace Style Welcome page in Lotus Notes 6.5. It includes hotspots similar to the GCC Homepage. You can simply copy the element into the Logo field if you are in edit mode of the Welcome Page Workplace.
If you migrated your bookmark.nsf from an earlier version of Notes, the Workplace will only be available, if you used your original notes.ini file during the upgrade procedure (see this thread ).
If you did not do that and the Workplace is not available, follow these steps. Copy the documents $Workplace and $branding from the view "(Downloads)" in the bookmark.ntf into your bookmark.nsf. After that, you can select the new type from your list of Welcome Pages.


This button lets you modify the favorite websites on the workplace pages. This is useful, if you want to put in non-http URLs, such as "Notes://"-URLs, which cannot be put in using the edit dialog of the workplace.

Known Issues: The workplace page you want to modify must show something else than the website. Otherwise, your modification will be overwritten once you switch to another object on that page.