IBM; Cross, Rob; Nohria, Nitin; Parker, Andrew: Managing in a Networked World: Assessing and Supporting Collaboration in Social Networks, IBM - iko, Cambridge 2001, pp. 24.

THEMES: Lotus\Learning Space | Cross, Rob | Nohria, Nitin | Parker, Andrew
YEAR: 2001
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LABEL: Knowledge Management | Visualization
PEOPLE: Lesser, Eric L. | Pruzak, Larry
PLACES: Cambridge, MA USA
THINGS: Organizations
TIME: 2001
IKM Managing in a Networked World--WP 08-01.pdf - IKM Managing in a Networked World--WP 08-01.pdf

          "Eric L Lesser" <>

          18.02.2002 19:21

cc: "Michael A Fontaine" <>

Dear Lotusphere 2002 Participant:

Thank you for attending the Lotusphere session on the IBM Institute for
Knowledge Management.  For the last several years, the Institute has been
working with leading organizations to better understand how knowledge can
be used to build competitive advantage in the marketplace.  To better
reflect our current streams of research, the IKM was recently renamed the
IBM Institute for Knowledge-Based Organizations (IKO).  Below is additional
information about our program:

(See attached file: IKO Overview February 2002.pdf)(See attached file: IKO
Publications List February 2002.pdf)

During the session, several individuals asked for publicly available
articles/papers from the IKO.  Attached are some materials you may find

(See attached file: COP and Org Performance.pdf) - The following article
appeared in the IBM Systems Journal, which recently published a special
edition on Knowledge Management.  Other articles also written by IKO
authors include papers on the origins of knowledge management,
knowledge-based strategic alliances, and the intersection of e-business and
knowledge management.  This edition can be accessed online at:

In addition, several attendees asked about our work in the area of social
network analysis.  Attached are two papers that reflect some of the leading
work we have done in this area:

(See attached file: IKM Managing in a Networked World--WP 08-01.pdf)

(See attached file: IKM Strategic Collaboration White Paper 10-00.pdf)

If you are interested in participating in the IKO, or have additional
questions, please feel to contact me at or via phone at
(617) 588-5663


Eric Lesser
Executive Consultant
IBM Institute for Knowledge Management
1 Main Street, 6th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: 617 588-5663
Fax: 617 588-2305