Erdmann, Ingo: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 Launch - Customer and Partner Video

GCC participate in : After more than 18 months extensive collaboration within IBM's Lotus beta testing program GCC's Ludwig Nastansky and Ingo Erdmann share their opinion on Lotus Notes/Domino 7 in the launch video. Lotus Notes/Domino 7 has been launched in Septem...

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YEAR: 2005

Kevin Lamb

Chief Financial Officer

Plymouth Tube Company

LAMB: Well, as far as the state of our, let's say, messaging systems, we had been operating on a Groupwise structure, Novell platform. We knew we needed to make a change.

There were really only two choices to consider: it was going to be Notes or was going to be Outlook. We saw that Notes Domino had better capabilities.

Professor Ludwig Nastansky

Head Groupware Competency Center

Paderborn, Germany

NASTANSKY: Lotus Notes has become the de facto standard worldwide as a platform for collaboration.

Ingo Erdmann

Director Notes Domino Research

Groupware Competency Center

University of Paderborn, Germany

ERDMANN: It's a platform that companies can rely on that is stable, that integrates well into your existing infrastructure and it's just a great product.

Takamasa Kurino

Deputy Director of Technology Center

Ricoh Company Ltd.

KURINO: Today at Ricoh we have over 17,000 application databases. Each day every Ricoh employee starts by opening Notes, so it has become an essential tool that we use and value.

David Via

Vice President

Wolcott Systems Group

VIA: Notes Domino 7 strikes me as a really balanced release because there's something in it for everyone.

My favorite feature is the feature called Attention Indicators, so I can see by looking at my view which messages are more important to me.

ERDMANN: Being able to see mail in the context of its whole thread is very useful, and that's unique to the Notes environment. You can display the thread inside of the mail so you can see what was going on outside of this little piece of information that you're watching right now.

Bryan Owens

Director, Collaborative Business Applications

Kemet Electronics Corporation

OWENS: If you're in a calendar entry, you can see the presence awareness as well of all the people who are invited to a particular meeting. That's a very big productivity booster in case you've got a question that you want to ask. Especially in the e mail, you can just start an instant chat, and that's great.

ERDMANN: They have added so many new features for the administrator into the release. They added Domino Domain Monitoring, which gives you a whole new way of managing your servers, managing your domains.

Matthew Henry

Technical Architect

Kemet Electronics Corporation

HENRY: When we first plugged it into some of our hub servers, we found problems mainly configuration problems and this tool just brings these things to the surface, gives us a true solution button and it's fixed.

VIA: The efficiency to be gained there is just huge.

OWENS: In Domino, we take for granted the ability to develop applications very rapidly.

Jurgen Zirke

CEO, Pavone AG

Paderborn, Germany

ZIRKE: The advantage of [INAUDIBLE] application the development simply is to save costs. To save costs.

Shoby John

President and CEO

Integrasys Technologies

JOHN: Lotus and IBM have invested in the ability to give the user flexibility.

Fu Bo Ning

IT Department IT Chief

Agriculture Department of China

NING: We can have better productivity and a user friendly interface, in which Notes and Domino can adapt to the way we really work.

NASTANSKY: Notes Domino 7 is doing a very important evolutionary step which leads back to back end technology.

ERDMANN: You can take data from all these Notes databases, you can customize the view, you can personalize your queries, and the view just gives you all the information you need.

JOHN: It provides a tremendous value to allow folks to either extend applications that are already written but allow a relational back end system.

VIA: Anyone who's watched messaging and collaboration for 15 years recognizes that Notes has not been a target of the virus writers and hackers and a lot of the malicious software that's out there.

Ray Causey

Senior Manager of Messaging and Collaboration Services

Kaiser Permanente

CAUSEY: So the stability and security of Notes is one of the key features in the Kaiser environment that makes it a fundamental part of our business strategy.

VIA: As we look into the future with Lotus it's exciting because there are so many things going on at the same time. All of the things that IBM and Lotus have been saying about the options that are available for their customers and their partners are coming true. They're turning into products that we can actually work with.

CAUSEY: So as I look forward in our space for the next five, 10, 15 years, I know that although the look may be different, the features will be added, it will fundamentally stay on the basic platform and the same basic concept, and that gives me continuity.

Continuity is the key to my business. I can't go out and try to re train people on a new paradigm every four years because my software development company decided to change the way it should be; Lotus is stable.

LAMB: We've been really, really happy with the product. This is something that we see as a partnership for probably the next 10 plus years. We're very confident with the support of IBM and the combination with Lotus that that's a good long term arrangement.

Clearly they're rolling out a new upgrade here, and all these things makes it look like a smart decision, makes it look like a good investment.