Ozzie, Raymond; Groove: Groove Platform Information 2000.

THEMES: Ozzie, Raymond | Groove
YEAR: 2000
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LABEL: Groupware
THINGS: Internet | Napster | Peer-to-Peer | Team
TIME: 2000
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Who are we?

Groove Networks, Inc. provides a solution platform and application for peer-to-peer Internet interaction. Groove's technology reaches beyond the World Wide Web paradigm, leveraging the two-way capabilities of the Internet to strengthen the connections among people who interact online.

Ray Ozzie founded Groove Networks in 1997. Ray is best known as the creator of Lotus Notes, the world's leading groupware product with more than 60 million users.

Groove Networks is a privately held company headquartered in Beverly, Mass. Since its founding, the company has obtained more than $50 million in financing from Accel Partners and private investors.

Our Mission

  • Help businesses achieve a greater "return on connection" from their relationships with customers, vendors and partners.
  • Help individuals strengthen online connections with the people with whom they interact.