GCC Teaching: PWN03: Activity-Centric Contextual Collaboration - Performance Support in e-Workplace, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2005.

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YEAR: 2005

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Short description:
In modern business world, people are under pressure to learn and update skills while working on job tasks. The newest conceptual development is to deliver information and knowledge on demand - workplace learning on demand, or some may name it as workplace performance support on demand. Furthermore, this on demand learning service must be integrated into work activities.

From technology point of view, workplace activity management in eWorkplace is designed to bring more contextual focus, more knowledge sharing, and more structured interactions, serving a seamless integration point between learning and work.

Project objectives:
  1. To acquire knowledge about the scientific field of learning at workplace.
  2. To design activity patterns for sharing knowledge, updating skills, and increasing workplace productivity in eWorkplace arena.
  3. To Implement the outcomes from 1st & 2nd objectives on GCC activity manager.

Tools and resources:
GCC Activity Manager

Target group:
Business Computing / Wirtschaftsinformatik
Computer Science / Informatik
Industrial Engineering / Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
Business and Human Resource Education / Wirtschaftspädagogik

Required skills:
The objectives described above require programming skills, as well as the ability to work analytically and conceptually on the aspect of integrated learning at workplace.

Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky

Project is still available.