GCC Teaching: PWN01: Integration of Web Services into K-Pool 2006.

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YEAR: 2006
Web services has been one of the hot and trendy technology developments in recent years. Integrating web service functions into a content management platform like GCC K-Pool will leverage its value and connectivity to other repositories.

The objectives of this seminar:

  1. To understand
    • k-pool as an content management application
    • conceptual and technical aspects of web services; technical aspects of web service integration into Notes/Domino databases (including implementation and deployment of web services)
  2. To implement a set of desired web services into k-pool and a prototype of a web user interface utilizing them
  3. Specification of web services input & output & interface will be defined on the bases of individual team's skill level.


Basic web service programming skills

Basic Notes/Domino programming skills

Experience with web service implementation is desired

This seminar work will be conducted in English.

Supported by:

Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky

Target groups based on subject of studies:

  • Business Computing
  • Computer Science

Projekt wurde im SS2006 vergeben.

Christian Meier

Markus Oertel

Daniel Warneke