Risse, Sebastian; GCC Teaching: Development of a design-environment for the enterprise wide data integration by combining groupware based business processes with legacy systems, Masters Thesis, University of Paderborn, Department of Business Computing 2 1999.

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YEAR: 1999

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    Management Summary:

    The data of today's organizations is present in a very distributed and heterogeneous information system. Depending on the progress the companies have made migrating their technology to client/server based systems, the data is stored on mainframes, client/server systems and PC’s. To integrate this data into a human based workflow system without fragmenting the data requires the use of an easy to use process design tool.

    The objective of this work is to use an existing process modeler and to enhance the functionality by integrating the enterprise data from any external database management system (i.e. mainframe based legacy systems, hosts of different technology or any relational databases from a client/server background) into the groupware based processes. The modified modeler allows the process designer to make use of enterprise data to build business processes by using the advantages of groupware platforms and legacy systems. The modeler should support the new demands of organizations to exploit the benefits of the Internet, Intranet, Extranet, off-line working and e-Commerce combined with the advantages of the underlying “old fashioned” mainframe systems.

    The work also provides an approach to the combination of groupware based workflows and host based transactional systems for enterprise application integration (EAI)