UICEE: 6th UICEE Annual Conference on Engineering Education - Cairns, Queensland AUSTRALIA, UICEE, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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User: Anonymous

PLACES: Australia | Cainrs | Cairns | Queensland
THINGS: Education | Engineering
TIME: 2003

          "Diane Q. Nguyen" <Duyen.Nguyen@eng.monash.edu.au>

          02.05.2002 07:31

To: uicee@eng.monash.edu.au
Subject: Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Invitation to the 6th UICEE Annual Conference on Engineering Education - Cairns AUSTRALIA

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Dear Colleague

I have a real pleasure to invite you to the 6th UICEE Annual Conference
on Engineering Education, under the
title: Educating for the Right Environment, which will be held in
Cairns, Queensland, Australia, between 10 and
14 February 2003.

The prime objectives of the Conference are to bring together partners,
members, associates, students and
supporters of the UICEE from all over the world and to continue
discussion on issues of importance to
engineering education; to examine the natural, built and educational
environments so that future engineering
education programs are structured in a way that facilitates
environmental preservation for generations to come.
To debate the activities of the UICEE and to foster friendships already
established are also important objectives
of the Conference.

The secondary aim of this Conference is to commence the celebrations of
the 10th year of operations of the
UICEE. Moreover, those many members and followers of the UICEE born in
1943 are especially invited to get
together in order to celebrate year-long festivities related to their
60th birthday, including the opportunity to
present their life achievements in engineering and technology education.
Also, there will be the opportunity to
meet many senior international educators, members of the so-called UICEE
Global Family of Engineering

I am attaching the Call for Papers of the 6th UICEE Annual Conference on
Engineering Education as an MS
Word file for your perusal. You may also access this Brochure as an HTML
file in order to see a gallery of 14
beautiful photographs at the following address:


We have negotiated an excellent deal with the Pacific International
Cairns hotel to facilitate your visit to Cairns
(please see the details in the brochure). I hope that you and your
spouse will be able to join us in Cairns and
attend the Conference, to which you are cordially invited.

Would you be so kind as to advertise this Conference amongst your
colleagues, both national and international,
especially those born in 1943? Thank you.

I look forward to receiving an abstract of your paper.

Best wishes and kindest regards

Zenon J. Pudlowski