IBM; McRae, Stuart: STR103 - Creating a Strategy for Mobile and Wireless, IBM, Vienna 2002.

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YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: Lotus Domino | Mobile Applications
PEOPLE: McRae, Stuart | Mobile Worker | Nomadic Worker
THINGS: Notes | Strategy | Wireless
TIME: 2002

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STR103 Lotus: Creating a Strategy for
Mobile and Wireless

Speaker: Stuart J. McRae,
Lotus Software, IBM Software Group
Category: Intermediate

Mobile and Wireless solutions for
collaboration have been around
for many years, but only recently
have they started to move towards
mass adoption. So why should you
be deploying them? Where is the
ROI? How do you identify users who
can benefit from them? Should you
choose push or pull solutions, access
or synchronisation solutions, mobile
phones or PDAs? What is coming
in the future? How do you build a
corporate strategy for mobility?