Balaban, Bob; Cousineau, Jay; Lotus: AD102 Building Blended Applications for Lotus Domino and WebSphere Part A: Considerations and Planning, IBM Corporation, Orlando, FL, USA 2003.

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YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: Blended Applications | WebSphere
TIME: 2003

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Presented by
Bob Balaban, Looseleaf Software, Inc., President and
Jay Cousineau

This session will offer guidelines and suggestions for assessing and planning applications that use both Domino and WebSphere. We'll provide a methodology for determining which Domino applications are suitable for integration with WebSphere, and which might or might not benefit from J2EE technologies in the very near term. We'll discuss the steps for planning the integration and describe some specific coding techniques that enable Domino and WebSphere to work well together. You'll see an example of an application that works well as a hybrid ("before" and "after"), and one that does not and discuss why.