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YEAR: 2000
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TIME: 2000 | 2001
Holroyd Council
    Holroyd Council
    Holyrod City Council has become the first organization to go live with lotus Notes and Domino R5, and early indications are that it is living up to expectations.


    Lotus Notes and Domino R5 delivers on promise of easier installation, simpler administration and faster end-user training

    Sydney May 13, 1999:
    Holroyd City Council has become the first organization to go live with Lotus Notes and Domino R5, and early indications are that it is living up to expectations. The upgrade to Notes R5 went live on April 7 following successful trials of a beta version in the preceding two weeks. It was installed quickly and end-users are finding it easy to learn.

    The council has used Lotus Notes and Domino since 1997 for email and to run an application called the Govt One Electronic Business Paper, which lets them improve the efficiency of Council meetings.

    In line with its policy of providing the best possible service to ratepayers, Holroyd City Council decided to implement the latest version of a Lotus Notes application called the Customer Request Management System (CRMS). Many councils around Australia are adopting the CRMS, and Holroyd City Council was keen to move toward the latest version. This meant that R5 had to be installed prior to its general release.
    CRMS was developed by Lotus business partner and software developer, Govt One, and is designed to automate the allocation and prioritization of customer requests to service officers.

    R5 users give positive feedback

    "Quite a few of our staff have commented on the improved usability of R5, compared with version 4.62 which we were previously running. In particular, people are finding the personalized start up page to be very useful.

    "It certainly seems that staff are picking up the new version very quickly – people seem to really like using R5, and from an IT point of view, we were very pleased with the ease and speed of installation."

    Colin Ellis
    Network Administrator
    Holroyd Council

    For example, the council might receive a call about a large hole in the road which poses a threat to residents, and another about a stolen rubbish bin. CRMS will rank the pot hole as a more serious issue and assign the task to an appropriate officer for completion. It will also set a time frame for completion of the job, which the customer is advised of.

    The CRMS installation was done by Govt One and the Holroyd Council IT department.

    According to Stephen Pierce, managing director Govt One, "The R5 implementation was trouble-free, and remarkably easy. Based on what we've learned from this experience, implementations that used to take three days, should now take one day."
    R5 will be used by up to 200 staff at the council, who will benefit from the following improvements:
  • Notes R5 Welcome Page – gives users quick access to the applications they use most frequently. The Welcome Page minimizes end-user training by providing an easy way for users to get acclimated to Notes R5.
  • Information Management – enhancements to the user interface, including the Navigation Bar, Bookmarks and Window Tabs make it easy to track the information users work with in Notes.
  • New Messaging Functions – new functions include redesigned mail interface including personalized mail headers, type-down addressing, HTML content, automatic spell checking and S/MIME support.
  • New Calendar Options – improvements to calendaring and scheduling, which include group calendar views and resource management, enable organizations to manage meetings and track progress online.
  • Support for All Standards-Compliant Web Servers – with the addition of standard protocol and content support, Notes R5 becomes a powerful tool for users of any mail system as well as Domino.
  • Enhanced Integration with Productivity Software Suites – Notes R5 contains built-in document libraries with workflow that integrate with Lotus SmartSuite and Microsoft Office.