Diekmann, Alexander; GCC Teaching: Entscheidungsaspekte bei der Einführung eines Informations- und Kommunikationssystems auf Intranet-Basis, Masters Thesis, University of Paderborn, Department of Business Computing 2 1998.

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YEAR: 1998

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    Management Summary:

    The Internet is still rising on a very high level. Many companies are establishing an internal Internet for their own use by adapting the Internet-technology. This is usually called an Intranet and is often connected to the Internet through a Firewallserver for security purpose.

    An Intranet is an innovative and challenging technology which becomes a must in future business. Most companies do not have a clear perspective about this topic despite the technology is widely known. Therefore it is necessary to gain an overview of what an Intranet can do and how it might be introduced.

    Aspects of this work are to classify Intranets within the group of information and communication systems and to examine possible applications. With this background theory a textbook for creating and establishing Intranets is designed. This textbook was used in a case study at the Bertelsmann Distribution in Gütersloh to establish and maintenance an Intranet.