Wiengarten, Frank; GCC Teaching: Development of a practical framework for the performance measurement of electronic document management systems, Groupware Competence Center (GCC), Paderborn 2005.

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YEAR: 2005

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Management Summary (english):

In today’s highly globalised and competitive business environment, there is a growing need for stronger cost control, a demand for higher return on investments and minimisation of risk, especially when it comes to information technology and information systems investments. But organisations are still experiencing major difficulties in evaluating the performance of their IT/IS. In order to highlight and solve this problem a practical framework has been developed that measures the performance of an electronic document management system. Performance evaluation approaches have been introduced and discussed along the following research streams: Traditional investment evaluation approaches; Measurement of intangible assets approach; IT-Controlling approach; and the Performance measurement system approach. Several criteria have been identified for selecting the most suitable method from above approaches. The balanced scorecard approach has been identified as the most suitable method for evaluating the performance of the EDMS. And within the framework, the BSC approach has been adopted and modified to fit into the evaluation criteria so as to become the EDMS-Decision-Card that measures the performance of the EDMS. Finally, the developed framework will provide guidelines to practical evaluate the performance of the EDMS.