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A Framework for the Design of the Emerging Global Organizational Structure

THEMES: Eccles, Robert G. | Nolan, Richard L.
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Globalization | Networking
TIME: 1993
Making Alliances and Partnerships Work

PLACES: Rockville, MD, USA
THINGS: Enterprise Model | Networking
TIME: 1993
Erfolgreicher mit B├╝rokommunikation in Industrie und Dienstleistung - Papierlose Vorgangsbearbeitung im Einsatz

THEMES: Neumann, Norbert
1991THINGS: Networking | Office Communication & Work
TIME: 1991
Networking the Enterprise - How to Build Client/Server Systems That Work

THEMES: Baker, Riachard H.
PLACES: New York
THINGS: Networking
TIME: 1994
Von der Maschinenb├╝rokratie zur Netzwerkorganisation - Eine architektonische Reise

THEMES: Gerstein, Marc S.
PLACES: Frankfurt.a.M. | New York | San Francisco | St. Louis
THINGS: Interorganisationale Beziehungen | Networking
TIME: 1994
Welcome To The Virtual IS Organization

THEMES: Moad, Jeff
THINGS: Networking | Virtuelle Unternehmen
TIME: 1994
Managing Across Borders

THEMES: Bartlett, Christopher A. | Ghoshal, Sumantra
LABEL: Business Process Engineering
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Globalization | Networking | Virtuelle Unternehmen
TIME: 1989
Creating the 21st Century Organization

THEMES: Nolan, Richard L. | Pollock, Alex J. | Ware, James P.
THINGS: Globalization | Networking
TIME: 1988