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Contexts, Work Processes, and Workspaces

THEMES: Agostini, Alessandra | de Michelis, Giorgio | Grasso, Maria A. | Prinz, Wolfgang | Syri, Anja
1995LABEL: Workflow
THINGS: Organisation | Organization Design
TIME: 1995
Die virtuelle Fabrik - Neue Form überbetrieblicher Unternehmenkooperation

THEMES: Lange, Knut Werner
THINGS: Fabrik | Kooperation | Organisation | Recht | Virtuell
TIME: 1998
Organizational Theory - Text and Cases

THEMES: Jones, Gareth R.
PLACES: Massachussetts
THINGS: Organisation
TIME: 1998
Flexible Organizations Through Objekt-oriented and Transaction-oriented Information Systems

THEMES: Ferstl, Otto K. | Sinz, Elmar J.
THINGS: Organisation
TIME: 1997
Neue Organistionsformen und IT: Herausforderung für die Unternehmensgestalter

THEMES: Schwarzer, Bettina | Zerbe, Stefan | Krcmar, Helmut
PLACES: Heidelberg
THINGS: Organisation | verteilte Gruppenarbeit
TIME: 1997
On the Objekt-Oriented Modelling of Distributed Workflow Applications

THEMES: Gründer, Holger | Geihs, Kurt
LABEL: WAGS | Workflow
THINGS: Organisation
TIME: 1997
Organizational Perspectives of Workflow Technology

THEMES: Carlsen, Steinar
LABEL: WAGS | Workflow | Workflow Classification
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Organisation
TIME: 1995
Prozeßorganisation - Entwicklung, Ansätze und Programme prozeßorientierter Organisationsgestaltung

THEMES: Gaitanides, Michael
PLACES: München
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Enterprise Model | Organisation | Process Model
TIME: 1983