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Proposition of an M-Business Procedure Model for the Development of Mobile User Interfaces

THEMES: Glissmann, Susanne | Smolnik, Stefan\...\Conference Pub... | Schierholz, Ragnar | Kolbe, Lutz | Brenner, Walter
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Publications | Projects\...\Conference Pub... | Projects\...\Conference Pub... | SS\...\Publications | SS\Publications
2005KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Paper\Published Article\e.g. articles, working papers student papers, flyers, reports, statutes\paper which was published in a magazine or book
LABEL: K-Discovery
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center | Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Universität St. Gallen
PEOPLE: Brenner, Walter | Glissmann, Susanne | Kolbe, Lutz | Schierholz, Ragnar | Smolnik, Stefan
PLACES: Brussels | Los Alamitos, CA USA | Paderborn | St. Gallen | Tokyo | Washington
THINGS: Enabling Applications | Interaction Design and Mobile Business | Mobile Business Applications
TIME: 2005
Informationsmanagement - Konzepte und Strategien für die Praxis

THEMES: Zarnekow, Rüdiger | Brenner, Walter | Grohmann, Helmut H.
2004LABEL: Information Management
PEOPLE: Brenner, Walter | Grohmann, Helmut H. | Zarnekow, Rüdiger
TIME: 2004
Gastvorträge im SS 2003 an der Universität St. Gallen

THEMES: Brenner, Walter
Virtual Purchasing Die Revolution im Einkauf

THEMES: Brenner, Walter | Lux, Andreas
2000TIME: 2000
The Net: Extinction or renaissance for intermediaries - an analysis of core competencies in the book business

THEMES: Brenner, Walter | Kolbe, L. | Hamm, V.
THINGS: Dissertation GR | IOS
TIME: 1997
Unternehmensführung und Informationssystem

THEMES: Österle, Hubert | Brenner, Walter | Hilbers, Konrad
1991PLACES: Stuttgart
TIME: 1991
Integration durch Synonymerkennung

THEMES: Brenner, Walter | Österle, Hubert
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Fallstudien