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A Discipline Divided: Globalization and Parochialism in Information Systems Research

THEMES: Galliers, Robert D. | Meadows, Maureen
2003KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Paper\Published Article\e.g. articles, working papers student papers, flyers, reports, statutes\paper which was published in a magazine or book
LABEL: Information Management | Information Systems
PEOPLE: D. Galliers, Robert | Meadows, Maureen
PLACES: Atlanta, Georgia
THINGS: citation analysis | communication and diffusion of research findings | globalization
TIME: 2003
Investigating inter-organisational information systems planning practices in ireland and the UK

THEMES: Finnegan, Pat | Galliers, Robert D. | Powell, Philip
THINGS: Dissertation GR | EDI | IOS
TIME: 1997
Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Information Systems

THEMES: Galliers, Robert D. | Carlsson, Sven | Loebbecke, Claudia | Murphy, Ciaran | Hansen, Hans Robert | O'Callaghan, Ramon
1997LABEL: Business Process Engineering | Groupware | WAGS | Workflow
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed systems | Electronic Commerce | Globalization | Interorganisationale Beziehungen | Virtuelle Unternehmen | WWW | Zwischenbetriebliche Integration
TIME: 1997
Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Information Systems

THEMES: Doukidis, G. | Galliers, Robert D. | Jelassi, T. | Krcmar, Helmut | Land, F.
1995PLACES: Athens, Greece
THINGS: Konferenzen
TIME: 1995
Towards a flexible information architecture: Integration of Business Strategies, Information System Strategies and Business Process Redesign

THEMES: Galliers, Robert D.
1993LABEL: Business Process Engineering
THINGS: Dissertation GR
TIME: 1993