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ASCW: An Assistant for Cooperative Work

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Prinz, Wolfgang
1993PLACES: Milpitas CA, USA
TIME: 1993
Management verteilter Arbeit - Aktivitätskoordinierung im Projekt EuroCoOp

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Hennessy, Pippa | Ehrlich, Ute
1993LABEL: CSCW | Groupware
PLACES: Wiesbaden
TIME: 1993
Sharing To-Do Lists with a Distributed Task Manager

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Hinrichs, E. | Woetzel, G.
1993TIME: 1993
Experiences with the DOMINO office procedure system

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Hinrichs, E. | Klein, K.-H. | Seuffert, P. | Woetzel, G.
1991PLACES: Dordrecht | Holland
THINGS: Office Communication & Work
TIME: 1991
Adressing in an Office Procedure System

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Seuffert, P.
1988PLACES: North-Holland
THINGS: Enterprise Model
TIME: 1988
DOMINO: A system for the specification and automation of cooperative office processes

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Licht, U. | Seuffert, P. | Woetzel, G.
1984THINGS: Office Communication & Work
TIME: 1984
Distributed work management - Activity coordination in the EuroCoOp project

THEMES: Hennessy, Pippa | Kreifelts, Thomas | Ehrlich, Ute
THINGS: Distributed systems | Office Communication & Work
TIME: 1993
Coordination of distributed work: From office procedures to customizable activities

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas
PLACES: Berlin
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed work | Petri Net
TIME: 1991
Distribution and Error Handling in an Office Procedure System

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas | Woetzel, G.
PLACES: Amsterdam | Netherlands
THINGS: verteilte Gruppenarbeit
TIME: 1987
DOMINO: Ein System zur Abwicklung arbeitsteiliger Vorgänge im Büro

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas
THINGS: Enterprise Model | Modelling | Office Communication & Work | Process Model
TIME: 1984