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THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino K...
2010LABEL: Notes.ini
Plug-in Install: {notes install dir}\framework\rcp\plugin_customization.ini -

THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino K...
Upgrading multiple local databases to a new ODS

THEMES: Lotus\Notes 8.5 | Lotus\Notes/Domino K...

THEMES: Holistic - net | Lotus\Notes/Domino K...
2006LABEL: Garbage Collection | holistic ViewSizeCheckRepair | HVSC | Index | Lotus Notes/Domino | Performance improvement | Size reduction | View
ORGANIZATIONS: holistic-net GmbH
TIME: 2006
How to increase the default font size used in the Lotus Notes client

THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino K...
2005LABEL: Editor | Lotus Notes | Lotus Notes INI | Lotus Notes Preference Editor | Mac | NiniX
ORGANIZATIONS: Apple Computer | Kent State University
PEOPLE: Lewis, Lindy
THINGS: Font Size | Schriftgröße
XML and Lotus Notes/Domino: ReadViewEntries & DTD

THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino K...
2004LABEL: DTD | Lotus Notes/Domino | StarTree | View | XML
Decapsulate a .OND file - Agent to turn a R5 Notes encapsulated memo (.OND) back into a Notes memo.

THEMES: Iris\Sandbox | Lotus\Notes/Domino K...
2001LABEL: Conversion | e-Mail | Internet | Lotus Notes/Domino | OND | Sandbox
THINGS: encapsulated mail
TIME: 2001