Nastansky, Ludwig; DNUG; University of Paderborn; GCC Events: Der 'e'-Hochschullehrer im 'e'-Hochschulteam: Herausforderungen, Optionen und Praxisalltag, GCC 2006.

GCC-Office - Effektives Team-basiertes Informationsmanagement im Praxisalltag des Lehrstuhlbetriebs

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YEAR: 2006

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Der 'e'-Hochschullehrer im 'e'-Hochschulteam

- Herausforderungen, Optionen, Praxisalltag -

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Collaboration & Internet #1

The wiki principle.

Are many minds
better than a few?
What is an RSS feed?

For techies only?
The podcast principle.

Why listening
to the computer?
What's an RSS feed? Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'GCCNC_Themes compact', Document 'PAVONE NewsReader - kostenlos herunterladen !'
Server: An RSS feed is, fundamentally, a text file located on a internet server that contains formatted information your RSS reader can understand. It's a very simple format, but it contains a lot of valuable information.

User/Reader: To you, as a reader of RSS feeds, an RSS feed is simply another URL. Rather than pasting it into the address bar of your browser, you paste it into the subscribe field of your feed reader.