Fan, Yushun; Zhao, Yu; Bai, Xinxin Bai; Wang, Yuan; Cai, Hong Cai; Ding, Wei: Towards Formal Verification of UML Diagrams Based on Graph Transformation, in: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology for Dynamic E-Business (CEC-East’04), IEEE Computer Society, 2004.

In this paper, a meta-level and highly automated technique that could formally transform UML diagrams for verification is presented. Firstly, the meta-model hierarchical structure of UML is reviewed and the relationships among different UML diagrams are analyzed from different views. An approach fo...

THEMES: Fan, Yushun | Zhao, Yu | Bai, Xinxin Bai | Wang, Yuan | Cai, Hong Cai | Ding, Wei
YEAR: 2004

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