ISMIS: ISMIS 2003 - 14th FOURTEENTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON METHODOLOGIES FOR INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS - Maebashi TERRSA, Maebashi City, Japan - October 28-31, 2003, Maebashi TERRSA, Maebashi City, Japan 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Knowledge Management
PLACES: Japan | Maebashi
THINGS: Intelligent Systems
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Call for Papers: ISMIS 2003


Maebashi TERRSA, Maebashi City, Japan
October 28-31, 2003

ISMIS has established a prestigious tradition by organizing a leading
international conference on intelligent systems. The conference
provides a unique opportunity for exchanging scientific research and
technological achievements accomplished by the international
community. The previous events were held in Knoxville, Tennessee
(1986, 1990), Charlotte, North Carolina (1987, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000),
Turin (1988), Trondheim (1993), Zakopane (1996), Warsaw (1999), Lyon (2002).

This Symposium is intended to attract individuals who are actively
engaged both in theoretical and practical aspects of intelligent
systems. The goal is to provide a platform for a useful exchange
between theoreticians and practitioners, and to foster the
cross-fertilization of ideas in the following areas:

Active Media Human-Computer Interaction
Autonomic and Evolutionary Computation
Intelligent Agent Technology
Intelligent Information Retrieval
Intelligent Information Systems
Knowledge Representation and Integration
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Logic for Artificial Intelligence
Soft Computing
Web Intelligence

In addition, we solicit papers dealing with Applications of
Intelligent Systems in complex/novel domains, e.g. human genome,
global change, manufacturing, health care, etc.

Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in LNCS/LNAI
(Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, the series homepage: and will be available at the
symposium. Any necessary information concerning typesetting can be obtained
directly from Springer-Verlag page at

Authors are invited to submit their manuscript in
the LNCS/LNAI style (maximum 10 pages).
All paper submissions will be handled electronically.
Detailed instructions are provided on the conference homepage at


Submission of Papers: March 10, 2003
Acceptance Notification: May 15, 2003
Final Paper: June 30, 2003

A selected number of ISMIS 2003 accepted papers will be expanded and
revised for possible inclusion in
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
( by Kluwer,
Knowledge and Information Systems journal
( by Springer-Verlag,
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems journal
( by IOS Press,
and Annual Review of Intelligent Informatics
( by World Scientific.

For additional information contact:

Professor Zbigniew W. Ras (ISMIS 2003)
University of North Carolina
Dept. of Computer Science
Charlotte, NC 28226
Fax: 704-547-3516

Professor Ning Zhong (ISMIS 2003)
Department of Information Engineering
Maebashi Institute of Technology
460-1, Kamisadori-Cho, Maebashi-City, 371-0816
Telephone & Fax: +81-27-265-7366