IBM/DaimlerChrysler: A division of Daimler Chrysler streamlines their credit approval process using workflow and document management solution developed by Lotus Professional Services , IBM Press 2001.

DaimlerChrysler Credit Approval

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YEAR: 2001
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TIME: 2001
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A division of Daimler Chrysler streamlines their credit approval process using workflow and document management solution developed by Lotus Professional Services  

Companies that successfully bundle their strong points and exploit existing potential to the maximum will count among the winners on the global banking and financing market. Achieving this end is primarily a question of wholly fulfilling customers' expectations, as well as cutting costs, increasing profit margins, optimizing workflows and eradicating obstacles to growth.

Lotus Professional Services collaborated with debis Finanzdienstleistungen, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, to develop a workflow and document-management system that allows debis to pursue its core business with enhanced time-efficiency. Decisions on granting credit, in which speed plays a vital role in winning customer satisfaction, can now be handled and accelerated with CPMS.

The Goals

For debis, the principal objective was to improve its internal communications system to meet the ever-increasing demands the future will bring, and at the same time set the course for optimum customer service and resultant high levels of satisfaction. In order to realize this goal, a number of sub-targets had to be met:
  • Cost reduction - CPMS allows back-office processes to be gathered within a cost-effective, centralized organizaton. By helping to speed up processing times, this bundling leads to reduced operational costs.
  • Increased profit margins - Thanks to the automatic routing and tracking of applications, CPMS enables vastly accelerated lending approval procedures. The more efficient this process becomes, the greater the total lendings volume able to be administered.
  • Growth support - Automated workflow processes and leaner, process-intensive applications can help to eliminate capacity problems. Resources are freed-up by the reduction of process times, enhanced customer satisfaction is the result.
  • Speed as a competitive advantage - The less time needed for lending decisions, the greater the probability of establishing a high-grade clientele. In conjunction with process optimization, a 50% reduction in processing times can be realistically expected.

    The Solution

    The success of CPMS is based on the consistent usage and implementation of Domino functionalities for replication, security, scalability, and support for mobile communications. Thanks to Domino Rapid Development, the requirements were drawn up with maximum speed. Domino Workflow supports the solution by monitoring throughput times, by managing corporate incoming-mail trays, and in addition guarantees transparency with regard to the status of all on-going applications. Domino.Doc can be relied upon to ensure that all applications are updated at every stage, while Fax for Domino enhances the fax and printing services.

    The CPMS system, which is based on Domino, Domino Workflow, Domino.Doc and Fax for Domino, is already being deployed at the debis headquarters. Plans are underway for a worldwide rollout of a web-based solution.


    In the workflow and document-management system CPMS, debis has created a secure, fast and scalable system that also supports mobile users. A highly transparent loan-application system was created in which application status can be called up at any time, and completed applications are filed in an easily administered archive. The significantly improved organizational procedures make it possible to enhance quality control and reduce credit risks.