Balaban, Bob; Hobert, Karen: HND205 IBM Lotus Domino 7 Web Services Hands-On Lab, in: Lotusphere 2006, IBM, Orlando 2006.

This hands-on session will provide you with direct hands on experience working with the new Web services features of IBM Lotus Domino 7. We'll take an in depth look at what makes Web services work and how code reuse in your Lotus Domino application plays a key role. You'll learn what key technologi...

THEMES: Lotus\...\7 Presentation... | Lotus\...\01_IBM_Lotusph... | Balaban, Bob | Hobert, Karen
YEAR: 2006
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere | Lotus Domino 7 | Web Services
PEOPLE: Balaban, Bob | Hobert, Karen
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2006


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HND205 IBM Lotus Domino 7 Web Services Hands-On Lab14.12.2006 11:14Jan Rombold