Greif, Irene; Millen, David R.; IBM; Lotus: Communication Trends and the On-Demand Organization - A Lotus Workplace White Paper, IBM, Cambridge, Massachusetts 2003, pp. 18.

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YEAR: 2003
A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report:

IBM has defined and popularized the notion of eBusiness on demand and is focusing its product and consulting businesses on enabling customers to transform themselves into on-demand organizations. An on-demand organization will be nimble, fast, and responsive. Technology deployment plays a key role in transformation to being on demand, but the transformation also requires organizational change and new communication patterns at all levels. IT investments have driven fundamental changes in organizational information flows, revealing the potential that technology has to shape organizations. This paper examines organizational technology and communication trends from a number of perspectives, including bottom-up worker empowerment through email and Instant Messaging (IM), top-down impacts through portals and workflow, and team technology.