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Automate business processes throughout the enterprise IBM Lotus® Workflow™ offers an easy-to-use tool to design and adapt business processes and track work as it moves through your organization. In Lotus Workflow 3.0.1, enhanced capabilities help you use the Web—whether Internet, intranet or extran...

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YEAR: 2003

Lotus Workflow, formerly known as Domino Workflow, is a stand-alone application development tool that works on top of Domino to provide our customers with the ability to develop, manage, and monitor all their business processes and help them eliminate the downfalls of paper-based work. A key component in the Lotus' e-Business and Knowledge Discovery strategy, Lotus Workflow is in the business of improving organizational effectiveness and internal business processes for companies. Lotus Workflow 3.0.1 Product Brief

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From Hong Kong -- Garment giant streamlines its business with collaborative tools from IBM
Hong Kong -- June 13, 2002 -- One of the Asia's largest garment manufacturers, the Hong Kong based Crystal Group, has radically restructured the way it handles management information, using advanced collaborative tools from IBM's Lotus Software.

DaimlerChrysler Details Future Of Collaboration Based On IBM Software
VIENNA, AUSTRIA -- Jun 10, 2002 -- IBM today announced that DaimlerChrysler kicked off an internal eCollaboration project to better expand upon their IBM Lotus Notes and Domino infrastructure. DaimlerChrysler will implement Lotus Software's workgroup workflow applications, advanced mobile support and real-time collaboration offerings on a worldwide basis. This project directly follows the completion of a five-year infrastructure project with DaimlerChrysler focused on implementing IBM Lotus software in 80 locations around the globe.

Global Pharmaceutical Corporation Schering AG Standardizes On IBM Web Content Management Tool
VIENNA, AUSTRIA -- Jun 10, 2002 -- IBM and Schering AG, the global research-oriented pharmaceutical company announced the worldwide roll out of a Schering corporate intranet in May 2002. The project, "Corporate Web Going Global" leverages IBM Lotus Domino and the IBM Lotus Web Content Management Solution to provide a unique infrastructure designed to allow employees to access and share knowledge across the organization, manage and ensure accuracy of content, and accelerate internal business processes.

Lotus Workflow Part of Lotus' Web Content Management Solution

The Lotus Web Content Management Solution (LWCMS) provides the right combination of products and services to establish your Web content management architecture, launch Web-based initiatives, create a dynamic and interactive Web experience and reduce IT Web maintenance, content authoring and publishing costs. From a bottom-line perspective, LWCMS can help increase revenue/profits and help gain a competitive edge by ensuring that your web content is timely, accurate and easy to maintain.
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Finding Answers...

At Lotus, we understand that Knowledge Discovery is not just about technology. Sometimes the best answers are found by talking to the right people. To learn more about Lotus' Knowledge Discovery Solutions, please
contact us. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about Knowledge Discovery.

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Lotus Workflow 3.0.1 is now certified for Notes and Domino 6 !
Notes and Domino 6 has now been certified to deploy your Lotus Workflow 3.0.1 applications. Click the link above to check out the platform coverage.

Using the Lotus Workflow Java API in Domino and WebSphere
Use the Lotus Workflow Java API to integrate people-centric processes into e-commerce applications running on Domino and WebSphere. Here's how!

Integrating Lotus Workflow and Domino.Doc
Lotus Workflow and Domino.Doc were designed to work together. Learn the details on integrating these complementary technologies.

Producing reports in Lotus Workflow
Lotus Workflow reporting for duty—and this article explains how you can enhance its reporting functionality.

Alternate name support in Domino.Doc and Lotus Workflow
What's in a name? Plenty, if it consists of characters your application doesn't support. This article describes alternate name support for Domino.Doc and Lotus Workflow.

Integrate Lotus Workflow and QuickPlace Today

Read how to combine Lotus Workflow and QuickPlace to create collaborative workspaces with enterprise process management. To find out how - check out the
Deploying QuickPlace Redpiece.

Lotus Workflow 3.0.1 Now Available.

Highlights include:
    • Improved Product Reliability and Stability
    • Improved Performance
    • Improved Programmer Documentation - New documentation is available for the Workflow JavaScript interfaces, providing additional ways to customize Lotus Workflow for Java-based environments.
    • Improved Java API Demos
    • New Chinese Code Page Support

Lotus Workflow Offers Exciting Functionality
Lotus Workflow is distinguished from earlier versions of Domino Workflow by its dramatically improved performance and powerful new web capabilities, including integration with WebSphere through a new Java API, a JavaScript API, and support for Web standards such as SOAP and XML. This support for open Internet standards will help Lotus Workflow customers create integrated Web applications and support IBM's Web Services strategy. Other new features include integration with Sametime, a customizable Notes/Web user interface, and a web viewer that lets users see their work assignments from within Notes or from a web browser.

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Audio Conference Replay with J. Walter Thompson:
Improving Customer Relationships
Listen to this audio conference with Steve Khuen, Chief Financial Officer from J. Walter Thompson, to learn how a Web-based collaborative solution enabled their company to provide better service to clients.

Saving Development Time and Effort Using Lotus Workflow. Listen to this webcast to find out what innovative collaborative applications can be created using Lotus Workflow, what is under the hood, how Lotus Workflow can be integrated with WebSphere and where Lotus Workflow is going in the future.

Expertlink - Lotus' Own Domino Workflow Solution
Listen to our 24x7 webcast to learn how Lotus has dramatically improved customer service response time with our
Expertlink Knowledge Management Solution. You'll see how this Lotus Workflow application makes tracking, reporting and monitoring Customer Services queries automatic!

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