MuPad: What is this ? - Demo MuPAD & Lotus Notes OLE-Embedding in GCC k-Pool 2004.

What's This? - This is a demonstration notebook highlighting some of the advanced mathematical features of MuPAD Pro Version 3. If you want to learn about the user interface of MuPAD Pro and how to work with notebooks please read the notebook Using Notebooks or MuPAD's on-line Windows help first. C...

YEAR: 2004
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User: Anonymous

LABEL: Computer Algebra | k-Pool | Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 | MuPad Pro 3.0 | OLE
PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2004
MuPAD PRO Version 3.0
... here: using
GCC's k-Pool as container environment
Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'Themes (All)', Document 'Demo MuPAD & Lotus Notes OLE-Embedding: Plot-Objects' Have a look at some MuPAD plots
For WebUsers: MuPAD objects are rendered as OLE-UI image -
For Lotus Notes Client users: MuPAD objects can be interactively worked upon within this tabbed table (only if MuPAD is installed on your PC, of course)