DNUG; Benz, Brian: XML and Domino, 07.11.2001, Deutsche Notes User Group, Hannover 2001.

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YEAR: 2001
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LABEL: Lotus Domino | XML
ORGANIZATIONS: Benz Technologies | DNUG
PEOPLE: Benz, Brian
THINGS: Java | WebSphere
TIME: 2001

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Brian Benz, Benz Technologies, führte am 07. November 2001 einen Workshop *) zu Thema XML and Domino im Hannover Congress Centrum durch:

This session, presented by one of the co-authors of the IBM Redbook, "XML: Powered by Domino", will demonstrate how to use Domino servers to process XML data for enterprise integration and web site solutions. Techniques will include creating XML-based forms, pages, documents, and agents that allow for the importing and exporting of XML data from Domino databases. Demonstrations will include using Domino integration tools such as DECS and the Lotus XML Toolkit to format enterprise data as XML. Topics covered will be XML, XSL, SOAP, UDDI and Web Services.

Die angekündigten Beispiele sind auf dieser Seite eingestellt.


10:00 UhrWelcome
Introduction: XML and Domino
Getting XML data out of Domino
Getting XML out of Domino forms
Using LotusScript agents to generate XML
Using Domino forms and DECS to serve XML formatted documents
Developing a stand-alone Java application serving Domino data as XML
11:30 UhrBreak
11:45 UhrGetting XML data into Domino
Validating XML with a common DTD
Where to store XML in Domino
Processing XML with an agent or Servlet
Creating one or more Notes documents from XML data
Updating existing Notes documents
Limits for Domino XML documents
13:00 UhrLunch
14:00 UhrTransforming XML (XSLT)
XSL Stylesheets
Stylesheets for DXL
XSL, Stylesheets and Domino Objects
XML Data Islands
Working with client-side XML
Creating the Data Island
Including the data island in HTML
Accessing the data island with JavaScript
Storing the components in Domino
15:30 UhrBreak
15:45 Uhr
(- 17:00 Uhr)
Web Services
Web Services and Domino
Java code for Web Services
Working with the Lotus Web Services Toolkit

*) Alle Vorträge werden in englischer Sprache gehalten.

      Brian Benz
      is CEO of Benz Technologies, an IBM advanced business partner specializing in Domino infrastructure design and project management, Domino and XML application development, and knowledge management systems consulting.  Aside from his project management, systems design and senior development duties at BenzTech, Brian is a frequent writer for industry publications, having most recently co-authored the IBM Redbook "XML: Powered by Domino". Brian is also often on the road training Domino and Web professionals worldwide at professional developer conventions and via customized corporate training seminars.  Recently, Brian assisted IBM in developing the certification requirements for the new IBM e-business Solution Designer and Solution Integrator partner certifications.  A portfolio of work, as well as summary listing of past articles and presentations can be found at the Benz Technologies Web site:
      www.benztech.com.  Benz Technologies is also proud to be a member of Penumbra, a consortium of independent Domino professionals.  More information on Penumbra can be found at www.penumbra.org.