Lotus: Push the envelope. Watch it bend. Domino Sucks?

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YEAR: 2006

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Damien Katz
Push the envelope. Watch it bend.
Domino Sucks?

As I am all too aware, people complaining about Notes and Domino is pretty common occurrence. I still flinch a little when I tell people I used to work on Notes, out of fear. More than one Notes user has become frustrated to the point of hurling blunt objects and I'd rather not become the face they associate with their rage.

But this particular round is a little different from most, as it's coming the Notes and Domino community itself, mostly about how neglectful IBM has been to the Notes platform, and in particular Domino web development. Jake Howlett kicks things off and an explosion of complaints appears in the comments. Vowe makes note, Carl Tyler responds, Jake posts again and Ed Brill responds.