Mühlenweg, Dirk; GCC Teaching: Designing workflow-based Office Space in a Call Center on a Groupware Platform, Masters Thesis, University of Paderborn, Department of Business Computing 2 1999.

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YEAR: 1999

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    Management Summary:

    The implementation of groupware technology in combination with workflow management would represent a manifold surplus value for the examined call center. This surplus value consists of an increase of the call center's efficiency, the improvement of the existing service facilities and the scaleability for future orientated extensions. Efficiency would be increased through an accelerated handling time of incoming inquiries achieved by eliminating all current media breaks as well as using an electronic media format as standard document format in combination with electronic document transfer. Furthermore an optimization, streamlining and automation of existing business processes would accelerate the distributed collaboration of call center agents and other employees. In addition, a user-friendly uniformed GUI provided by Lotus Notes would ensure a comfortable, quick and context-orientated navigation through the databases of the groupware platform. The improvement of existing service facilities can be realized through the extension of current internet facilities and the seamless integration of internet inquiries. New, sophisticated help mechanisms, such as the central, learning help database and the electronic archive would improve the quality of the offered customer service and increase the number of immediately answered inquiries.
    Scaleability would be ensured by providing the possibility to realize distributed organization structures in the future. Also, additional media formats, such as video or audio could be integrated. Also further. Besides, other technologies, such as CTI, future internet extensions can be seamlessly integrated. These factors ensure a long-term efficiency of the groupware platform. Eventually, it can be stated that groupware technology in combination with
    workflow management can improve the working results of the analyzed call center and also other call center environments that are comparable to the examined scenario. The new technologies for the call center environment can provide sufficient surplus value for an implementation.